Wall Lights & Lamps

Wall lights can play a variety of roles in a space. They provide both a unique design opportunity as well as the chance to draw attention to texture or architectural features. Sconces and swing arm lights cast up or down lighting and have an added bonus of saving space on tabletops and nightstands. Picture lights allow you to highlight the art that adorns your walls. In fact, a beautiful wall light functions as a work of art itself.

  • At what height should I hang a sconce?

The ideal height of a sconce really depends on its purpose. For sconces in hallways and bathrooms, hang the fixture at eye level, approximately 60-66” above the ground. For a bedside swing arm sconce, make sure that it’s high enough to cast focal glow on your bedtime reading materials, but not so high that it’s blinding when you look up and over at it.

  • What type of style should I consider?

Wall lights come in just about every size and finish. So finding a wall light that matches your existing décor, whether that be Modern, Rustic, or more Classic, won’t be much of a challenge. However, consider using a sconce in an unusual color or unexpected shape to jazz up the style of a room.

  • What type of wall light is ideal for reading?

Swing Arm wall sconces are a great option for reading. They have adjustable arms, hence their name, and many times adjustable heads as well, allowing you to move them into the perfect position. As a general rule of thumb, aim for 60 to 100 watts, or 800 to 1600 lumens.

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