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Portable and versatile, lamps can serve a number of needs in any room. Lamps allow you to layer light throughout the room to create focus and enhance the atmosphere. Lamps offer functionality through task and ambient lighting, while serving as decorative pieces in your space. Browse through our table, floor and desk lamps to find the perfect lamp to fit your personal style.

  • How much light do I need?

How much light you need depends on the size of your space and the intended use of the lamp. Start with the wattage. As a general rule, multiply the length of the room times the width, then multiply that number by 1.5 and you'll have the suggested wattage. The suggested wattage can help you figure out how many lumens (the amount of light, or brightness, produced by a bulb) you need. Keep in mind that a 100 watt incandescent bulb is equivalent to about 1600 lumens, and a 40 watt incandescent bulb produces about 450 lumens.

  • Is this the right fixture for me?

If you're looking for a fixture and can't determine if you need a ceiling light, wall sconce or lamp - consider the layout of your space. If you're in need of flexibility and versaility, a lamp is an excellent choice because it can be moved throughout the area. Lamps also have the ability to provide many layers of light. Whether you want to create a warm ambience or focus on a task, a lamp can help illuminate your space for the intended purpose.

  • Where should it be placed?

Table lamps and Tiffany lamps work well on coffee tables, bedside tables and bureaus. Accent lamps and buffet lamps are great decorative pieces that look great in foyers, kitchens, and on desks and shelves. Floor lamps, including torchiere lamps and arc lamps, can be placed behind or next to sofas, beds or tables.


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