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Pablo Designs


Perhaps the most unique collection of table and floor lamps we carry comes from Pablo Designs. With lamps such as the Lim, that transforms from a desk lamp to a floor lamp effortlessly through magnets, to unique creations such as the Pablo Light Bench, which can serve as an illuminated coffee table or bench, Pablo Designs offers truly unique, functionally beautiful lighting fixtures. Pablo Designs also offers a full range of lamps such as the Brazo, the Clamp, and the Pablo Pixo Lamp, that utilize state of the art LED technology to provide thousands of hours of warm, bright light.

Ceiling Lights

Pablo Designs continues its ongoing commitment to highly technical, simplistically designed lighting fixtures with the development of several energy efficient LED fixtures. With LED bulbs that offer over 50,000 hours or 25 years of daily use, Pablo Designs offers table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lights utilizing cutting edge technology. The award winning Clamp and Pablo Pixo lamps offer stylish versatility combined with energy efficient, focused task lighting. The Cielo pendant uses flat panel LED technology to produce warm, room filling light.

Wall Lights

Many of Pablo Designs' minimalist lighting fixtures are wall mountable, allowing you to add another dimension of stylish light to your home or office. Pablo's wall lights, like all their lights, embrace their less-is-more philosophy, placing the focus on the light produced from each artfully basic fixture rather than the fixture itself. Build relationships between your light, your living space, and yourself with a set of wall lights from Pablo Designs.

About Pablo Designs

For beautifully understated, minimalist lighting fixtures, look no further than Pablo Designs. With a commitment to simplicity and utility, Pablo Designs utilizes a less-is-more philosophy to develop highly technical lighting fixtures crafted from only the finest industry inspired materials. Featuring a modernist collection of floor and table lamps, ceiling lights and desk and task lamps, Pablo Designs offers a truly unique array of lighting fixtures designed with usability and style as the foremost considerations. Pablo Designs shuns the idea of disposability, instead creating objects of light that will illuminate living spaces for years to come and, ultimately, create a sense of harmony between the lights, their users, and the environments in which both exist.

Pablo Designs History

Pablo Designs was founded in San Francisco in 1993, with a focus on designing and crafting lighting fixtures that unified people with their habitats. Founded by Venezuela born designer Pablo Pardo, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati's industrial design program, Pablo Designs began humbly with the utilitarian Piccola lamp. Today, Pardo has branched out to collaborate with other world-renowned designers such as Carmine Deganello, Dana Cannam, Fernando Pardo and Peter Stathis. Together, these designers have created a provocative line of contemporary lighting fixtures. The fixtures of Pablo Lighting have garnered several prestigious awards, including Red Dot Design Awards for Best Product Design in Innovation in 2012 for both the Clamp and the Pixo task lights.

Why does love Pablo Designs? loves Pablo Designs commitment to linking people with the environments that they inhabit. This dedication leads to lighting fixtures that are truly designed with the user in mind. A recent focus on LED technology reinforces this less-is-more philosophy and promises further product improvement and customer satisfaction.


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