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Kichler Lighting

Ceiling Lights

Kichler Lighting has a wide offering of ceiling lights to suit your decor. Hanging chandeliers and pendants are a great complement to kitchens and dining rooms. Kichler also offers flush and semi-flush light options, which are ideal where a hanging pendant may not work, such as a living room or bedroom. Kichler's huge collection of ceiling lights will certainly offer a fixture perfectly suited for your home.

Wall Lights

Under cabinet lighting, step lighting, and wall sconces improve the safety and aesthetic design of your home instantly. Under Cabinet Lights and Step Lighting help brighten areas that are typically hard to light. Vanity Lighting and Wall Scones are offered in a wide range of finishes making them easy to pair with any room. Choose from a variety of Kichler Lighting styles to find the perfect wall lighting for your home.

Outdoor Lights

Entertain your guests in a beautifully lit outdoor atmosphere with Kichler outdoor lighting. The wide selection of finishes and styles will exquisitely accent and make a wonderful addition to your outdoor pathways, patios and decks. Landscape lighting, as well as path and post lighting, is a great way to increase security around your property while also improving the aesthetics of your home. Lighting your patio and deck with Kichler outdoor wall lights and ceiling lights will allow the party to go well into the night.


Kichler fans will provide elegant style, along with a cooling breeze, to any room in your home. Choose from a variety of styles to find the perfect fixture for your home.

About Kichler

Being the largest light fixture manufacturer, Kichler Lighting is known best for their vast selection of stylish and well crafted fixtures. Kichler is a winner of the ARTS award, awarded to a brand showing excellence in the home goods industry. Recently Kichler has won a Lighting of Tomorrow award from the lighting industry. There's no one category that Kichler solely focuses on. Instead, their array of products spans from decorative indoor chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces, to outdoor path and landscape lighting. Kichler is able to light your home inside and out. Kichler also has designed a selection of ceiling fans. From the affordable to the extravagant, Kichler is going to satisfy your lighting and fan needs all around your house and yard.

Kichler History

Soon after it's founding in 1938, Kichler was sold to the Minoff family, which has retained ownership ever since. Just because Kichler Lighting is the largest lighting manufacturer out there, doesn't mean they have gone far from their family roots. 75 years later, they still place chief value on their employees, which on average have worked at Kichler for over 12 years. This dedication shows most with their attention to product quality and Kichler's commitment to their large customer base.

Why does love Kichler Lighting?

We love Kichler here because of their family owned atmosphere and their commitment to their customers. Kichler is also at the top of our list because they offer a product for every space in your home. Not many manufacturers create such large a selection of product, making it possible to light every room of your house with Kichler!

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