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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are an essential part of any lighting arrangement. The right ceiling lights will harmonize any room and fill it with light. Chandeliers bring elegance to your dining room, living room or foyer and are offered in various materials like wood, wrought iron, chrome, brass, and crystal. Pendants are individually suspended and are often clustered together to create a dramatic affect. Flush mount lighting remains the most popular type of ceiling lighting fixture because of superb general lighting characteristics and many available style options. Recessed lights create a clean, finished look, and can be used to provide general lighting or to highlight a piece of artwork. Track and rail lighting systems can be used in almost any room to provide excellent task lighting, and the heads can be arranged to minimize shadows.

Mandy's Ceiling Light Tips
  • How much light do I need?

Some guidelines to follow: your ceiling light should be at least 7 feet from the floor.  Make your room seem larger by washing its walls with even lighting, but be sure not to over-light the room and take note of natural light and use dimmers.

  • Where should I install the ceiling light?

You need to decide what you want your lighting to accomplish.  If you want to highlight a piece of artwork, use recessed deiling lighting 12-18 inches away from the wall.  For three-dimensional pieces, go with track lighting and try positioning the heads from two different angles.  Chandeliers and pendants are only perfect when they don’t hit your head! Hang these fixtures 30” above the table top for an 8’ ceiling and add 3” for each extra foot. 

  • What type of style should I consider?

Ceiling lights evoke a variety of different moods.  For a more modern look, combine track and rail lighting with recessed lights.  This gives a sleek, clean look to the overall feel of the bedroom or game room.  Pendants, when positioned creatively, can also give a modern feel to a living room or kitchen.  Chandeliers on the other hand, are made in both modern and traditional styles so depending on your current décor, you can find a perfect match.  Semi-flush and flush mount lights can also be modern or traditional and are a great alternative to chandeliers.  Billiard lighting and island ceiling lighting are meant for game rooms and kitchens, so just pick a style that matches your interior design.

  • Why do I need this light?

It’s important to determine why you are looking to invest in a ceiling light.  If it is solely for decorative purposes, chandeliers, semi-flush, flush mounts, and pendants are exceptional options.  They can be the center of attention while also providing light.  If you already have lights in the room but are looking to add, try track and rail lighting, mini-pendants, or mini-chandeliers.  These fixtures can boost aesthetic appeal and bring a more modern/shabby touch to the room.  Recessed lights very popular because they are modern, clutter free and simple enough that you can add other fixtures without seeming like it’s too much.