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Wall Lamps & Light Fixtures

Wall lights should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their beauty is derived from both fixture design as well as the light-based patterns that are cast onto the walls of your home. This light is then reflected into the room and is emphasized by sophisticated surface texture and architectural elements. Wall sconces are a practical way to light a space without being obtrusive, casting a beautiful glow upwards or downwards on the wall. Swing arm wall lights are adjustable, supplying both general and task light. Use vanity lights to build a sense of drama, prep for work or a night out, and cast general light in your bathroom or powder room. With many different light sources to choose from such as LED, xenon, and fluorescent, under cabinet lamps can illuminate countertops as well as create an illusion of space. Step lighting can illuminate your stairways and highlight the elegance of the heart of your home.

Mandy's Wall Light Tips
  • How much light do I need?

It depends on personal preference.  Some wall sconces can cast light upward and downward, creating both practical lighting and visual interest.  An indirect/direct 80/20 distribution can feel like direct lighting whereas 20/80 produces indirect lighting with highlights.  Swing arm wall lighting can provide general or task light for an office or bedroom or it can “down light” a display of books on a shelf.  Arrange low-voltage tungsten-halogen picture lighting so that it best highlights your mementos, certificates or china that is on display.  Bath vanity lighting is pivotal and should be even and shadow-free so you can apply make up or shave properly.  The size of the fixture should depend on the size of the mirror.  For a 4” mirror, use at least two light heads.

  • Where should I install the wall lamp?

Wall sconces look best in dining rooms and living rooms because they can enhance the beauty of the decorative styles and features in the room. They should be installed a minimum of 60” from the bottom of each light fixture to the floor and spaced 6’-8’ apart.  Swing arm lighting can be installed on either side of your bed or in an office for optimum reading pleasure.  You should make sure that the wall lamp is 20 inches above the top of your mattress or desk.  Bath vanity wall lights can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

  • What type of style should I consider?

Wall sconces come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles.  Some designs mimic the late 20th century design with candle like fixtures while others are extremely modern with smooth lines and boxy shapes.  Modern swing arm wall lights typically have a linen shade with a chrome finish or the entire finish is brushed nickel.  More traditional styles have glass shades or Tiffany style shades.  For bath vanity lights, consider the rest of the design elements in the bathroom like shower heads and faucets and find a fixture that matches in style and structure.

  • Why do I need this wall light?

Wall sconces can help produce general light and help reduce glare.  Swing arm lamps are a good option when you do not have floor space or desk /table space.