Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures & LED Strip Lighting

We all know the kitchen is the place where you need the most light! Under cabinet lights help you to achieve the best possible shadowless light in the kitchen when preparing food, reading cookbooks, and cleaning. They also work great as accent lights because they are subtle, tucked under the cabinet and don’t produce much heat. There are many types of under cabinet lighting however the LED lights are very effective and produce a nice bright white light. When installing these lights, it’s suggested that they be placed at least six inches away from each other. Measure your cabinet before purchasing so you know how many you need!

About Under Cabinet Lights & LED Strip Lighting
  • Light Bars

From the newest and most energy efficient LED technology, to the very popular fluorescent strips as well as the aesthetically pleasing line and low voltage xenon light bars, there is a wide variety of bar lights to help light your kitchen countertops.

  • Linear Track

Linear track is a small low voltage track that accepts tiny reflector fixtures and miniature directional fixtures that will light your space exactly how you want it. Linear track requires at least four main components: the track, a power feed, a transformer and whichever fixtures are just right for your application.

  • Puck Lights

Puck lights are a small low profile disc shaped light that can be either surface mounted or recessed into your cabinets or cupboards. They are a tremendously popular option in kitchens due to their low profile design that can hide under most cabinetry.

  • LED Tape

LED tape light is a newer technology that packs the brightness of light bars into a very small footprint. Most tape light is under a quarter of an inch thick and can be hidden in just about any application making for the perfect cove or undercabinet light. It's also perfect for lighting up shelving or anywhere else a minimally intrusive light fixture is desired.

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