Step Lighting & LED Step Lights

Step lighting often is overlooked, but it should be a vital component of your lighting plan—both inside and outside of your home. Indoors, lighting along stairs and walkways can prevent slips and falls. And outdoors, step lighting can enhance safety and security by scaring off a potential intruder or preventing accidents in entertaining areas or along pathways. It’s important that all of these areas are well lit to enhance safety and security, but also for visual appeal.

Step lighting is available in a wide array of attractive, discreet, and unassuming shapes, sizes, and finishes—all perfect for fitting in with any setting. One of the most popular options are LED step lights, which are long lasting and require fewer bulb changes. Inside, they can be used to provide safety and to add an inviting glow to stairs and hallways at night. Outdoors, LED step lights can help enhance your landscaping and amplify your deck lighting when entertaining.

Keep in mind, the installation mode you choose will determine the kind of step lights you purchase. Step lights that fit into wall boxes are great for retrofitting a step light into a hallway power outlet; recessed lights can be easily installed in spaces where there were no previous lights; and battery-operated and solar options can be installed with minimal effort and no wiring. You also can get creative with LED tape or rope.

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