The Best Tips for Layering Rugs

The Best Tips for Layering Rugs

Winter is the season for layers. We are all about layering our clothes, blankets and throws. But did you ever consider layering the rugs on your floor? You can mix and match colors, patterns and textures to give your space an instant update. Here are six great reasons for layering rugs and how to do it the right way.

Extra Protection

By layering a rug on top of a carpet, you are helping to preserve the life of your carpet. This is a great option to help prevent both renters and homeowners from ruining the carpet. Prevent stains in a nursery or kids room or other high traffic areas with a cute patterned rug. Rugs also provide protection for hardwood floors.

Add Contrast

In a room with dark furniture or walls, add a light-colored rug to brighten up the space, and vice versa. Adding contrast with a rug allows it to become the focal point or center of the room. The contrast will ensure that your favorite pieces of furniture don’t get lost in the room.

Define Space

Create visual boundaries in a large space by defining an area with rugs. For example, define a seating area in your large living room by placing a rectangular patterned rug over a neutral one. Make sure the bottom rug is large enough to cover the space entirely, allowing for a border around the furniture pieces. A rug that is too small will shrink the room and make it look unfinished.

"Layering rugs is one of the best ways to add dimensions and personality to a room."


Pick a Color Family

When choosing rugs to layer, first pick a color scheme that blends in well with your space. Choose a neutral colored rug for the bottom layer. Neutrals tend to work best because they can easily be mixed and matched with patterns and styles, so you can get more creative with the top layer. Stylist Emily Henderson shows how to do this with Bohemian styled rugs in her blog post about mixing multiple rugs within a room

Play with Textures and Shapes

Mixing textures is the key to making your layered rugs look put together. Materials with natural fibers such as jute, sisal and seagrass are ideal for layering underneath wool, synthetic or cotton rugs. Mixing textures isn’t the only way to add dimension and depth to your space. Play with shapes to add even more visual variety. Hides are ideal for layering because they typically require something underneath to cover the entire area.

Get Creative with Patterns

From paisley to modern to geometric and more, styles range from simple to intricate. Choose a pattern that goes with the overall vibe of your room, whether it is rustic-inspired, eclectic or traditional. Bohemian and global inspired rugs are very popular right now. With bold colors and ornamental patterns, this style adds personality to the space. If that sounds like too much color for your space, try gray tones for a fresh take on neutrals.

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