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Office Lighting Fixtures


Tiffany desk lamps can brighten your office, help you to concentrate, and are perfect for completing office duties. Pairing a task light with a torchiere lamp or floor lamp can make for a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. If you are looking for something adjustable, Pharmacy lamps can be lowered for reading or writing and heightened for general office lighting.

About Office

Office lighting should be taken seriously.  Creating layers of office light with lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights can help you complete tasks in the office without straining your eyes. Too much office light can cause visual discomfort and might consume too much energy whereas inadequate lighting can compromise safety.  Fluorescent lighting is a great option for office lighting because it has a long life, great color qualities, high efficiency, and provides a large radiant surface which helps minimize shadows.  Proper office lighting should energize people and stimulate productivity.

Mandy's Office Lighting Questions
  • What type of lighting should I use when I’m on the computer?

Dim the fluorescent lights and use a softer background light such as a wall sconce, torchiere lamp, or floor lamp.  LED lighting behind monitors can also help ease the bright glare emanating from the screen.

  • I love looking out the window while working on the computer.  Is this bad for my eyes?

Reflections and contrast ratios can often hurt the eyes. Bright daylight around the screen makes it difficult to see what is on the screen, so try placing the monitor perpendicular to the window to minimize high contrast and reflections.

  • Where should I position overhead lighting?

Placing fixtures overhead to the right and left of the desk can help eliminate shadows.  Placing fixtures in front of the desk can cause troublesome reflections.

  • Can I use in-cabinet lighting in the office?

Yes! LED lights can be installed into/onto cabinet surfaces in your office.  They offer energy-efficient lighting and can be left on for hours without jacking up your energy bill.

  • Sometimes I feel like general lighting is too much, true or false?

Finding a happy medium with general lighting in the office is hard!  Remember it’s important layer your lighting in the office.  So dim your general lighting to medium brightness so you can see what you’re doing without being bothered by glare and include a task light in case you need to read documents.

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