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Living Room Lighting Fixtures


Floor lamps and arc lamps are popular light fixtures for living rooms. They bring light to the room and are aesthetically pleasing. Torchiere lamps can accentuate contemporary or modern design while table lamps can aid in completing tasks such as reading or writing. Tiffany lamps can be used for task lighting or decorative lighting; place them on a shelf to bring a focal point and produce inward light in your living room.

Ceiling Lights

Recessed ceiling lights give living rooms a sleek and modern look. Pendants work to complement the recessed lights and hang over specific areas of the living room like a coffee table. Chandeliers or mini-chandeliers hung next to furniture cast a welcoming pool of light and practically invite guests to sit down and enjoy the room. Use track lighting for general lighting or accent lighting to illuminate objects that are architectural details, artwork or furniture. Flush mount, semi-flush lighting and ceiling fans can also be used as another layer of light.

Wall Lights

Sconces and swing arm lights add a decorative touch to living rooms and are an alternative to lamps because they take up less space. Try placing a swing arm light over bookshelves to light up your personal library. Under cabinet lighting can be installed in entertainment console nooks that hold keepsakes or mementos in your living room. And, for highlighting pictures and artwork on the wall, use picture lighting.


Ceiling fans circulate air to make living rooms comfortable .  They also are beauitful functional accessories in your home.  There are plenty of fan styles to choose from, modern to traditional.  Just make sure it matches your decor!

About Living Room

Living Room Lighting needs to be versatile; living rooms, whether formal or informal, typically have a series of places to sit, read, relax, and entertain. Different zones are either consciously or subconsciously created, which gives each part of the room its own identity while still retaining the overall family room cozy feel. In order to accommodate different activities and moods, the lighting scheme should be adjustable. For a well-lit room use a central control panel that is capable of dimming or layer the lighting scheme in the living room.

Mandy's Living Room Lighting Questions
  • What type of lighting can I use to highlight my fireplace when it’s not lit?

Recessed downlights highlight grooves and niches in textures so try this for an intriguing grazed effect.  Wall sconces bring a traditional feel to the room and provide great task lighting.

  • How can I highlight pictures in my living room?

Use low-voltage tungsten-halogen picture lights.  A beam of light will spread across the face of the painting and beautifully highlight the design or portrait.

  • Do you have lighting solutions to help prevent TV glare?

Backlight your TV set by placing a lamp or LED strips behind the screen to soften the contrast and reduce glare.

  • I know light bounces off wall paint, what paint colors give what effect?

For modern and contemporary, go with white walls and white light.  For a comfy feel use warm colors in lighting and furniture.

  • This sounds silly but where on the table should I place the table lamp?

Not silly! You want to place the table lamp in central location.  Avoid placing the fixture directly next to the wall or other large objects because this prevents the light rays from dispersing evenly throughout your living room.

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