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Hallway Lights & Foyer Lighting

Ceiling Lights

Hallway ceiling lights are perfect for making narrow hallways look wider. Track and rail foyer lighting fixtures visually widens the hall with downward facing lights and when paired with recessed lighting, a sense of modern décor shines through. Semi flush and flush mount lighting gives an elegant feel to the hallway so long as you make sure that it matches your interior design style throughout the house. Add style to your hallway by evenly spacing two or three pendants. If you have a more than one flight of stairs hang a chandelier for an extremely dramatic effect.

Wall Lights

Sconces are a popular hallway lighting choice for illuminating stairs. They should be evenly spaced on the wall and can provide either up and down lighting, or both. If you are pairing a hanging fixture with a sconce, make sure that they match. A dimming system helps illuminate the stairs and hallway when needed but also creates visual separation between the stairs and the living room. Step lighting can also highlight your path up or down stairs. LED recessed strip lights are aesthetically pleasing and can visually widen the space and make the stairs seem like they’re floating!


Buffet lamps and table lamps can be placed on consoles or end tables for accent or ambient lighting in your hallway. Accent lamps can also help to highlight mementos. The lamp shades can add to the layering of lighting by adding depth and shadow in congruence with the objects on display.

About Hallway Foyer

Hallways and foyers should maintain the same personality and charm as the rest of your house; therefore, it is imperative to approach the lighting design with the same consideration used in the rest of your home. Most foyers have windows, which let in natural light, but combining different lighting layers makes it easy to create a welcoming and safe setting. Hallways and staircases usually lack natural light but artificial light such as stairwell lighting, recessed lighting, and flush mount lights can help to illuminate dark spaces and point you in the right direction. Incorporate layered lighting in your hallway or foyer to avoid a monotone look. Sconces and picture lighting can highlight artwork or prized possessions placed on stairs or shelves and ambient light can be handled with table lamps or buffet lamps.

Mandy's Hallway Lighting Questions
  • How can I increase the amount of light in the foyer besides adding another lighting fixture?

Place a mirror behind a table lamp or accent lamp to reflect the light of the lamp, doubling the light!

  • What is a shadow gap lighting technique?

Shadow gap lighting is when the light escapes through the gap between the wall and stair.  It can be created by using energy efficient LED recessed strip lights.  This makes the stairs appear to float.

  • How do I determine the proper chandelier size for my foyer?

Add the dimensions together.  Let’s say your foyer is 12’ by 16’, 12 + 16 = 28.  So the proper size should be 28” diameter.  Make sure that the bottom of the fixture does not hang more than 7’ from the floor.

  • How far apart should I space my recessed lighting?

Use the lighting formula to get the wattage for the space! (L x W) x 1.5.  So a 10’ hallway that is 4’ wide will be 40 square feet times 1.5 = 60 watts. If each recessed light gives off 20 watts, you would need a minimum of 3 spaced recessed lights.

  • What about wall sconces?  How many do I need and where do I install them on the wall?

Install the sconces a minimum of 60” from the bottom of each light fixture to the floor and space them 6’-8’ apart.



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