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Game Room Lighting

Ceiling Lights

Flush mount and semi-flush mount are good choices for a game room because they provide general light and there are many styles from which to choose. Recessed lighting is dimmable and works to alter the mood if need be. Traditional billiards lighting is available in different styles, colors and with a variety of shades. Pendant lights are another great choice for the game room because they add a decorative touch to the home bar or small table. Track lighting is perfect if you have items on display because you can adjust heads to illuminate specific areas. It’s important that these fixtures do not create glare!

Wall Lights

Wall sconces add soft glowing light to a game room. These fixtures also do not create glare because they typically are not in players’ lines of sight. If you have a bar in your game room, consider LED strip lighting, which is cool burning and energy efficient.

About Game Room

Game room lighting is crucial. First consider what’s going in the game room. If you're planning a pool table, poker table, Ping-Pong table or pinball machine, consider an attractive, unobtrusive fixture that provides enough light in the room without creating glare. The right game room lighting provides ambiance and casual elegance and the proper lighting to achieve your high score!

Mandy's Game Room Lighting Questions
  • What type of light bulbs should I use over my pool table?

60-watt bulbs are generally recommended; some pool table lights, however, have multiple shades and might look better with 40-watt bulbs.

  • I have low ceilings in my game room, what type of lighting should I use?

A tall floor lamp that radiates light upward such as a torchiere lamp is a great solution.  Light reflecting off the ceiling will increase the light in the game room. 

  • What is the general installation height for a pool table light?

The main objective is to spread light across the table.  Accordingly, the light should typically be level with the bridge of your nose. 

  • I need to prevent glare on both the TV and the pool table. Suggestions?

Place a floor lamp to the side and slightly behind the TV or try LED strip lights behind the TV and use pendant lighting directly above the pool table.

  • I’m using track lighting to highlight certificates but also would like to use it for general lighting in my game room.  Do you have any tips?

To highlight the objects, place the track head at a 30-60 degree angle from the horizontal plane of the object and if it the object has a glass frame, place the light no more than 2-3 feet from the wall to reduce glare.  

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