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Dining Room Lighting Fixtures


If the chandelier or pendant is not enough, add table lamps or buffet lamps to the dining room. This helps to control the dining room lighting, adds ambiance, and gives a humanizing touch to the room.

Ceiling Lights

Chandeliers and pendants bring a sense of elegance and can act as a focal point. Track lighting directed toward artwork can bounce off light wall colors and illuminate the space evenly while reducing glare. Recessed lighting and natural dining room light provide the perfect back-drop to accent your chandeliers.

Wall Lights

Wall sconces complement the main hanging light fixture and brighten up dark corners to balance the room’s light. Cabinets that hold prized China or crystals can become a focal point, which should be illuminated and highlighted with under cabinet lighting in the dining room.

About Dining Room

Dining room lighting generally includes a chandelier, but not all the time. Track lighting, sconces, and flush mount lighting can also illuminate a dining room. But it’s important to do more than light up the room! Guests want to feel comfortable when they’re dining and being social. Creating layers of light by combining accent and general lighting is key in the dining room. Having a variety of light sources allow you to avoid glare and change the mood. A dimming system also adds to the overall design and feel of the room.

Mandy's Dining Room Lighting Questions
  • How do I determine the proper chandelier size when looking for dining room light fixtures?

Choose a chandelier that has a diameter that is 50% of the table width or greater.  Hang it 30” above the tabletop for an 8’ ceiling (each extra foot, add 3 inches).

  • How do I choose a chandelier style?

Start by looking at your dining room’s color and materials.  For more traditional look, go with bronze and more ornamentation and decorative details.  For modern, check out sleek and simple chrome finishes.

  • How can I use wall sconces in a dining room?

First, choose sconces that complement your current décor and make sure it will work with the other lighting fixtures.  You can use sconces to uplight the wall or highlight paint color.  Also try placing them above a buffet or sideboard.  If there is a fireplace close by, try installing sconces on either side to make the fireplace the focal point. 

  • What type of a chandelier should I use for a very tall ceiling?

For nine feet or higher consider a two-tier style chandelier.

  • What type of bulbs can I use to show off my crystal and make it sparkle?

Pure white low-voltage fixtures with tungsten-halogen bulbs will definitely help to make those crystals sparkle!

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