Bedroom Lighting


Filling a bedside lighting void can be difficult. If you have two tables, place table or accent lamps on either side of the bed. Bedroom lamps can provide task lighting and add a sculptural presence and personality to the space. Pendants and swing arm lighting can be an alternative to lamps if hardwiring is an option. An accent lamp is ideal for adding some style to a dressing table, while adjustable task light fixtures such as a desk lamp or table lamp work well if you are using the table for grooming.

Wall Lights

Swing arm fixtures can provide excellent task lighting for reading and completing tasks in bed. They also are convenient for a quick mood change and leave the bedside table open for clocks, books, or beverages. Wall sconces also are nice bedroom lighting options for smaller rooms because they save space.

Ceiling Lights

Flush-mount and recessed lighting make bedrooms seem larger and more open. Recessed lighting is often used in closets and corners to add extra warmth to dark spaces. Consider semi-flush, chandelier, and pendant lighting to add visual flair and a polished look. Bedroom track and rail lighting bring a more contemporary feel to the bedroom. This type of lighting also works great in children’s rooms because it is adjustable, making it easy to regulate the illumination and aim the lights in the direction of hobbies or homework.


Adding a lighted ceiling fan to a bedroom can create a cool and comfortable environment for dressing, sleeping, or just relaxing. You also might want to consider installing ceiling fans in the guest bedrooms to ensure that your overnight visitors are comfortable.

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