WAC Lighting Wall Lights & Step Lighting

Wall light fixtures from WAC Lighting consist of primarily under cabinet lighting, wall sconces and step lights. The InvisiLED product line has become an industry favorite for LED tape. LED tape is a thin lighting strip that is extremely easy to install and available in a variety of colors and color temperatures. Step lighting is a great addition to any staircase or outdoor patio for added safety and ambiance.

WAC Wall Lighting FAQ's
  • What type of under cabinet lighting do you offer?

WAC Lighting manufactures a great variety of under cabinet lighting, from light bars and puck lights to the futuristic InvisiLED tape light that can be installed almost anywhere. Check out the category for details on each.

  • What is required to purchase a step light?

The step lighting we offer from WAC Lighting are all self contained complete units. There are no additional components that you need to buy. While they use the latest LED technology, you do not need to hide an additional transformer within the wall or steps as the fixtures accept 120 volt, line voltage wiring directly to the fixture. Additionally, step lighting may be daisy chained together for an even simpler installation of multiple fixtures.

  • Do picture lights come in a variety of styles?

Yes. WAC Lighting offers various options for picture lights, including surface (ceiling or wall) mounted spot lights, wall mounted LED picture lights and clamp mounted picture lights.

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