WAC Lighting Company Track Lighting

WAC track lighting is offered in a variety of colors and styles. Fixtures, or track heads, can be used for general illumination, as well as focused lighting for highlighting artwork or a specific portion of the room. The wide selection of track heads, in line voltage, low voltage and LED, allow you to select a finish and style that fits your home's decor and your budget perfectly. Pendants are also available as a way to add beauty to any room.

WAC Track Lighting Design Guidelines
  • Designing your WAC Lighting track layout

First, determine the layout of track and choose appropriate connectors to achieve the desired look. Mark along the ceiling to indicate the placement of the track. To ensure the track runs parallel to a wall, measure from the wall to each end of your desired track lighting placement.

  • Powering the track

For direct ceiling mounting, use a live end power feed (in conjunction with a canopy plate) to connect to the junction box. For suspension mounting, connect a suspension kit canopy to a junction box. Other power feed options include: "I" power connections or floating canopies for powering mid-track, as well as power feedable "L" connectors, "T" connectors and "X" connectors. ("T" and "X" connectors are only power feedable on H and J series track.

  • Mounting WAC track lighting

The most common installation is by mounting the track directly to the ceiling. You can screw the track directly to the ceiling. For drop ceilings, use two T-Bar clips per four feet of track to mount to the ceiling. When suspending track, purchase suspension kits in the desired length and use a minimum of three supports per 8 feet of track

  • Joining track sections

A variety of connectors are available to join track sections together, from basic "I" connectors and "L" connectors to more elaborate "T", "X" and flexible connectors. "I" connectors are available as conductive power connectors or non-conductive "dead-end" connectors, as well as power feedable "I" connectors.

WAC Track Lighting FAQ's
  • How do I pick the right track lighting from WAC?

WAC Lighting offers track in three different configurations, H, L and J. Each type of track is designed to match the specs of three original track manufacturers, Halo, Juno and Lightolier. When selecting track, fixtures and components, make sure that you select all of the same type to ensure compatibility.

  • How do I make a complete WAC Lighting track setup?

Track lighting consists of three main components: the track itself, a power feed and the track heads or pendants. Various other components, like flexible connectors, "T" and "X" connectors and floating canopies allow you to customize the look of your track setup.

  • What is the maximum number of fixtures or pendants I can install on a track?

There is no maximum number of fixtures you may put on a track system, however you are limited to a maximum of 1920 watts per run of track. Some fixtures are less than 50 watts, while others are up to 150 watts.

  • Is it possible to install mini pendant lights onto line voltage tracks?

Yes. You may install a Quick Connect mini-pendant by using the Quick Connect Adapter with transformer. This item is located on the track accessories page above. You will need one adapter per mini-pendant. This will work with both standard low voltage, as well as LED mini pendant lights.

  • Do I need to purchase end caps for the track separately?

No. Each track section is supplied with two end caps.

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