WAC Lighting Ceiling Track & Rail Lights, Recessed Lighting, and Pendants

WAC Lighting produces a wide variety of ceiling lights, primarily in the recessed lighting, track lighting and pendant lighting categories. Recessed lights generally come in two parts, the housing and the trim, WAC specializes in low voltage and LED recessed lighting ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches. Track lighting and rail lighting are WAC's most popular category, and for good reason, their large selection will give you many options for your home.

WAC Ceiling Lighting FAQ’s
  • What's the difference between track and rail lighting?

WAC track lighting is a rigid channel that is typically installed directly to the ceiling. Track lighting also is line voltage, meaning no transformers are required. WAC rail lighting is a much smaller, low profile flexible metal rail that is suspended from the ceiling as little as a few inches, or as much as eight feet. Rail lighting is low voltage and allows for smaller fixtures and pendants. Both are very popular options in homes and businesses.

  • What are my installation options for mini pendant lights?

WAC mini pendant lights may be ordered as "Quick Connect" pendants, or as complete "Monopoint" pendants. Quick connect pendants are designed to be installed into track or rail (with an adapter), while Monopoint pendants come complete, and are installed directly to a junction box in the ceiling.

  • What's the difference between WAC pendants and mini-pendant lights?

Mini pendant lights are low voltage pendants, many with LED light source options that can be installed directly onto the ceiling or to track or rail with an adapter. Pendants are a bit larger, are line voltage and can be installed directly onto the ceiling or to track, but not rail.

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