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Surya Area Rugs & Decorative Pillows

About Surya

Surya allows for endless possibilities to bring the customer the best statement of style to their home. They reflect the latest trends, fashion-forward textiles, and colorful patterns for every home’s style of decor. Surya is a tremendous addition of accents to your living space. They have an extensive range of home decor solutions, best in design and quality, that are made to coordinate easily and create a most visually appealing space in the modern home.

Surya History

Sparked in Mumbai, India, in 1976, by visiting the famous Taj Hotel, Surya Tiwari impressed the likes of The Federated Group (Macy’s today) and was able to manufacture the local and handmade products that the Federated buyers were looking for. After many trips and a more thorough understanding of the customer, Surya was granted the right to operate his business in the U.S. in 1986. Since the company’s success, Surya delegated the U.S. division to his son, Satya Tiwari, and as President, he has led Surya to become a visionary industry leader of home décor.

Why does love Surya?

Surya offers a fresh take on style for any living space. We love that their motifs and textures will bring such personality to any room. Many of us in our office have bits of Surya in the home. Our favorites are the fun you can have with their throw pillows, as they are an easy and fun flair to your dwelling. Also their poufs are a fresh addition to your floor that can serve as table, pillow, or decoration.

Surya Area Rug FAQ's

  • How do I know I’m buying the right size rug for my space?
This can be an overwhelming task! Base this decision on your furniture configuration, not the room size. The main purpose of a rug is to pull a room together, so in a living room, for instance, measure the size of your seating area and get the closest size UP from that.

  • What room needs an area rug?
Consider area rugs artwork for your floors. They can enhance your décor and define your space. They can go in any room that you feel needs to be “finished”.

  • Should my rug be large enough for the entire bed?
Yes. Not only should the whole bed fit on your rug, but also make sure you leave enough room to put your bare feet on the rug when you hop out of bed in the morning. It will make your mornings (and evenings) cozier.

  • Should rugs strictly cover hard floors or can they be an addition to carpet?
Rugs can complement any space with color and texture, and you can absolutely layer them wherever you want! For the best aesthetics, layer on top of a low-pile carpet, a half inch pile is a good measure, but this look can definitely be a compelling medium for individual expression and character.

  • Is a rug pad really necessary?
We absolutely recommend the use of a rug pad under every area rug. It will extend the life of the rug, add extra comfort, absorb wear and tear, and protect all flooring. They also will help prevent movement of the rug on hard surfaces that could cause tripping or slipping. Thankfully, whenever you purchase an area rug from, we'll provide a quality rug pad with your purchase! The rug pad may be slightly larger than the area rug, but you'll be able to cut it down to size quite easily.

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