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Pixo Collection by Pablo Designs

Pixo is all about efficiency, packing a plethora of features into a minimal footprint. Pixo's design is functionality driven, with a swiveling lamp head, highly maneuverable arm and precision engineered joints that provide for fluid movement across a full 900 degrees. Pixo is offered in a variety of vibrant and neutral colors, and is crafted from tactile materials that invite human interaction. An integrated USB port allows you to conveniently charge your portable devices.

The Designers: Fernando Pardo & Pablo Pardo

Twin brother to Pablo Design founder Pablo Pardo, Fernando Pardo shares his brother's passion for smart, human inspired, minimalist design. With over twenty years of design experience in often highly technical fields, Fernando Pardo continues to strive to make his products more human.

Pablo Pardo attributes his passion for design and craftsmanship to his upbringing in Venezuela, where he was raised by a family of engineers and artists. In 1993, Pardo founded Pablo Designs in San Francisco, basing his studio on a philosophy of beautiful, minimal, utilitarian lighting that nurtures the relationships between people and their environments.

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  • Pablo Designs - Pixo Optical LED Desk Lamp

    Pablo Designs - Pixo Optical LED Desk Lamp

  • Pablo Designs - PIXO WALL WHT - Pixo White Wall Light

    Pablo Designs - PIXO WALL WHT - Pixo White Wall Light

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