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Walker Collection by Lights Up

The Walker Collection by Lights Up! includes options for any area of the home. Light things up with a swing-arm light, floor lamp, chandelier, or table lamp. Choose from several different finishes and shades to create the perfect lamp for any room. Simple lines and smooth fabric shades create a consistent look for this collection.

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  • Lights Up! - Walker Table Lamp

    Walker Table Lamp

  • Lights Up! - Walker 3-Arm Chandelier Drum

    Walker 3-Arm Chandelier Drum

  • Lights Up! - Walker Pin-Up Sconce

    Walker Pin-Up Sconce

  • Lights Up! - Walker Floor Lamp

    Walker Floor Lamp

    Price From: $260.00 - $488.00
  • Lights Up! - Walker Swing Arm Sconce

    Walker Swing Arm Sconce

  • Lights Up! - Walker 7-Arm Chandelier Drum

    Walker 7-Arm Chandelier Drum

  • Lights Up! - Walker Floor Lamp

    Walker Floor Lamp

  • Lights Up! - Walker 5-Arm Chandelier Drum

    Walker 5-Arm Chandelier Drum

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