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Holtkotter Lighting & Lamps


Holtkotter lamps can be used in a modern or contemporary setting for general and task lighting. Finish options included brushed brass, hand brushed old bronze, satin nickel, or chrome. Some features are even configurable and energy star rated. One of the most popular Holtkotter lamp collections is the Galileo Series which was named after Galileo who, of course, became famous for recognizing that the earth revolves around the sun!

Wall Lights

Holtkotter's wall lighting fixtures range from traditional to modern. Depending on its functionality, sconces are either made with brass for a more traditional look or glass and metal for a more modern decorative feel. Swing arm lighting is typically adjustable and can be used either for task or decorative lighting. Bath vanity lighting has a more of a contemporary feel with rounded glass edges secured into brass, metal, or an iron base. The Ludwig wall sconce comes with a one of a kind hammered gold and hammered silver shade.

Ceiling Lights

Holtkotter chandeliers and pendants are both unique and modern. Most fixtures are available in a variety of finishes, including bronze, brass, and nickel. Shop the collection for your home's newest ceiling light addition.

About Holtkotter

Holtkötter, or Holtkoetter, is a German lighting brand that has been designing and manufacturing its own lighting fixtures since 1964. With high quality, raw materials, and employees trained at the Bauhaus school, Holtkotter offers fine craftsmanship and beautiful lamp design. Licht machen" or "to create light" is the number one priority of Holtkotter, resulting in light perfected. Dimmability, focus and reflective functionality set Holtkotter lamps work apart from the competition. In keeping with these high standards, raw materials are carefully brushed, polished, bronzed, and then lacquered. The results of Holtkotter's meticulous process are lights perfect for your home, accommodating and enhancing all design environments from traditional to contemporary."

Holtkotter History

Since Schlossermeister Franz Holtkotter in Westphalia, Germany, founded Holtkoetter in 1964, they have produced lighting fixtures and lamps using true manufacturing methods that are known as “Handwerkstradition” or “craft tradition.”  Over the years the company grew to three different locations- Bad Waldliesborn which includes the tool-making, milling, stamping, and the various finishing departments, the lacquering, assembly, packing and shipping departments are located in the neighboring town of Liesborn and for the American market, the assembly, distribution and corresponding administration departments are located in three locations throughout Minnesota.

Why does love Holtkotter?

Have you ever met a wise history buff who also knows the latest trends and pop culture trivia?  Well Holtkotter is the hipster grandpa you’ve been looking for.  Classic traditional meets modern chic. Think about how knowledgeable, reliable, and accommodating this brand is.


Holtkotter FAq's
  • aWhat can you tell me about halogen bulbs?

Halogen bulbs are white 3,000K color temperature with 100 color rendering index, 95% lumen maintenance over life.  Halogen bulbs have high lumen output in very small bulb sizes, point source for precision optical assemblies, inexpensive to dim, easy to find, easy to dispose of.  Halogen bulbs are up to 40% more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs.  Further, no expensive ballasts are required Halogen bulbs and completely safe when used in properly designed luminaries.

  • What is a properly designed, safe halogen fixture?

Safe halogen fixtures must protect against halogen bulb ruptures by catching excess glass fragments before they exit the luminaire and must have a fire prevention component.

  • From a light quality standpoint, which light bulb compares to halogen bulbs?  And what about from an efficiency standpoint?

There are very few light sources that can compare to halogen bulbs. When it comes to making people and home furnishings look their best, halogen has no equal.  The color rendering quality from halogen bulbs is unquestionably superior to the fluorescent or high intensity discharge bulbs.  With regards to efficiency, halogen bulbs are up to 40% more efficient than ordinary incandescent bulbs and maintain 95% of their initial light output at end of lamp life.

  • What type of a light bulb can I use to illuminate space 24/7?

For areas where lighting is used for long burning hours in the home or office, you should be using Octron Fluorescent, Dulux Compact Fluorescent, and Metalarc High Intensity Discharge bulbs.  These types of light sources produce a pleasant white light and offer efficiency (high lumen per watt), long bulb life, and good color quality.

  • What makes good lighting in a living area?

Bulb efficiency, quality, precision lighting distribution, fixture cost, appearance and size, and ease and cost of maintenance.

  •  Is it true that as we age our eyesight gets worse? 

Yes! As we age the cornea becomes more opaque, the lens absorbs more light, and the pupil diameter decreases, resulting in a reduction in retinal illuminance.  Recognizing the visual images get harder because increased fat deposits in the cornea and lens lead to an increase in light scattering inside the eye.

  • Are there any lights that can help mitigate the effects of the natural physical changes that we are subjected to as time passes?

Researching with the University of Colorado at Boulder, Holtkotter is beginning to develop table and floor lamps that make reading easier as we get older.  The reduction in retinal illuminance requires a light level of more than 100 footcandles for optimal reading performance and lucky for us, the 75-Watt or 100-Watt Halogen light bulb by Osram allows for a light level in excess of 100 foot candles.  A matte glass diffuser and a reflector that focuses the light only on the reading material will reduce glare and scattering.  Adjustable diming controls and the adjustability of the physical reflector location allow the light levels to be set at the optimal position.

  • Do you offer a dimming system?

Yes! Holtkotter offers two dimming systems:  The Decadium Dimming System is controllable through the slide potentiometer and it is rated for up to 500 Watts at 120 Volts and can dim from full brightness to 1/1000th of one percent. The DimmSystem Punkt 1 (*P1) dimming system is available for line-voltage applications (rated up to 300 Watts), low-voltage (rated up to 100 Watts) applications as well as LED applications (operating at 700 mAmp and can support up to 18 Watts of LED performance.)


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