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Harbor Collection by Hinkley

This Hinkley Harbor Collection is all about sharp lines and putting a modern slant on the traditional. With brown and black finishes, this collection is restrained but quite appealing. Toting hard lines and crisp geometric shapes, this collection has a definite modern twist. These lamps will go well just about anywhere, firming up more ephemeral spaces.

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  • Hinkley Lighting - Harbor Pier Mount Light

    Harbor Pier Mount Light

    Price From: $339.00 - $459.00
  • Hinkley Lighting - Harbor Path Light

    Harbor Path Light

    Price From: $92.50 - $139.00
  • Hinkley Lighting - Harbor Outdoor Wall Sconce

    Harbor Outdoor Wall Sconce

    Price From: $189.00 - $289.00
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