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George Kovacs Lighting

Ceiling Lights

George Kovacs' pendant lighting, island lights and chandeliers are the epitome of modern contemporary design. These lighting fixtures will create conversation, as well as a lasting impression on your guests. If you have a special space saved for a beautiful statement lighting fixture, the father of modern and contemporary lighting, George Kovacs, is sure to please with unique design and competitive prices.

Wall Lights

George Kovacs offers a wide variety of wall lighting for your home. From swing arm lights to bathroom lighting, the options are endless. Typically offered in etched opal glass, George Kovacs' swing arm lighting can accomplish both style and task lighting. And if you're looking for glass shade accent colors, don't fret, George Kovacs offers it all. Bath vanity lights can highlight retro or contemporary styled bathrooms with clean shapes and multiple light heads finished in chrome and more. The George Kovacs sconce collection offers upward or downward lighting, are available in a variety of shapes, and are often layered with mirror accents or other intricate ironwork.


George Kovacs first made a name for himself with table and floor lamps in the mid 1950's. George Kovacs Lighting also introduced the first American-made halogen torchiere lamp, a lamp on a tall pole with small head and a slender quartz bulb. One of the line's most popular lamps is the Arc Floor Lamp, a floor lamp with a stone base, and arched pole that extends over an area.

About George Kovacs

George Kovacs has set the benchmark for modern lighting design since 1954. Until his passing in 2007, George Kovacs successfully inspired contemporary and modern lighting designs that have stood the test of time and maintained relevancy. George Kovacs' legacy lives on and his influence can be seen in the work of the current team of designers. The George Kovacs collection offers a wide variety of lighting options, including lamps, sconces, and pendant lights, at competitive price points. Brushed stainless steel, chrome, gun metal and polished nickel are but a few of the finishes that are offered in the George Kovacs Lighting collection, ensuring style that will work well in any home, from a modern Manhattan apartment to a contemporary Colorado cottage.

George kovacs History

George Kovacs was born in Vienna on Dec. 23, 1926 to Oscar and Ottilia Neuwald Kovacs.   A young George Kovacs was one of the many Jewish children placed on what were called “Kindertransport” trains and sent to foster homes in England after the Nazis occupied Austria.  Oscar and Ottillia divorced soon after.  Ottilia remarried, Fred Rotter, an interior architect, who later taught his young George Kovacs the basics of lighting.   When the war ended, the family immigrated to the United States and George began working at a lamp store in Manhattan.   He then returned to Europe with his wife in 1953, and rented an attic apartment in a building owned by J. T. Kalmar, a prominent Austrian lamp manufacturer.  George Kovacs returned to the United States in 1954 with an agreement to market Kalmar lamps.  Soon after, George Kovacs opened the first of a succession of three stores on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Eventually, he opened a lamp factory in Glendale, Queens. In 2000, Mr. Kovacs sold the rights to his brand name to the Minka Group, based in Corona, Calif., and retired.

George Kovacs Designers

Ingo Maurer has found great success all over the world, but mostly in Germany and the U.S. After founding and running his own business, Design M., which developed and manufactured his own lamps he developed adjustable lighting elements with halogen bulbs.  Creating LED and Organic LED lamps as well as designing lighting plans and installation processes for public or private spaces are among the other accomplishes of Ingo.

Harry Allen was born in 1964 has helped design decorative art sconces that use metal and glass finishes.

Karim Rashid has over 3000 designs in production and has won over 300 awards.  He is greatly respected in the design community and is a frequent guest lecturer and universities and conferences globally.  He has been featured in literature in magazines such as Time, Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Wallpaper and more.

Robert Sonneman’s modern and clean designs have been at the forefront of the design world for over four decades.  Beginning his career at George Kovacs, Sonneman learned design techniques that he carries with him today and uses in his own design group.  His current lighting collections include over a thousand designs ranging from Warm Contemporary to Ornamental Modernism and Modernist styles.

Alecia Wesner was the director of design for George Kovacs after growing up in suburban Philadelphia and studying architecture and industrial design at Syracuse University.  Always being interested in discovering new design techniques, she has found a new career in jewelry design, which is inspired by nature and strong geometric angles and clean lines.

Why loves this brand:

International, highly acclaimed (Time, Vogue, GQ), innovative, award winning designers have produced amazing design at George Kovacs.  We love a good team, good credentials, and good design at  Can’t you tell? 

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