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ET2 Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling Lights

ET2 ceiling lights will take center stage in any room. Pendant lighting and chandeliers adorned in hand cut crystals, finished in polished silver, are perfectly suited for any dining area. Flush mount fixtures quietly shine and add a contemporary feel.

Wall Lights

The sleek and chic design of ET2 wall lights will make a statement in any room. Bath vanity lights are finished in polished chrome or satin nickel, creating a crisp fresh feel. ET2 under cabinet lights are easily installed and immediately turn a kitchen from traditional to modern. The ultra-contemporary wall sconces are ideal for hallways or dining areas. No matter what you need, you'll find it here.

About ET2

ET2 Lighting fixtures consist of refined, modern collections which expertly blend lavish finishes, smooth surfaces and bold angles with interesting shapes and forms that take a room from ordinary to brilliant. With smart designs and sophisticated style, ET2 Lighting uses translucent crystals, sculpted glass, fluid chrome and powerful lights. From chandeliers to lamps and pendants to LED lights, ET2 Lighting satisfies a variety of design sensibilities, ranging from polished to eccentric. ET2's collections define the rooms they grace and make an undeniable statement about the people and places they illuminate. Innovative technology and clean shapes make ET2 Lighting perfect for a cosmopolitan lifestyle by bringing a fresh, cutting edge atmosphere to any room in the house.

Et2 Lighting History

Maxim Lighting introduced ET2 Contemporary Lighting in 2004.  The new ET2 Lighting line was developed to complement the traditional designs of Maxim.  Form, aesthetics and function were at the forefront of the first line of lighting by ET2.  The contemporary and newer lighting designs create a fresh cutting-edge atmosphere anywhere.

Why does love ET2 Contemporary Lighting?

ET2 Lighting is ultra-cool, like us! ET2 has some of the most fashion forward, high-quality designs of any of the brands we carry.  Shop the collection and find out what we mean.

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