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Contardi Lighting


Contardi offers a diverse selection of table and floor lamps. From the Athena to the Quadra collections, these modern lights are a perfect fit in any home's decor.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights by Contardi range from the understated Solitario Pendant to the bold Vegas fixture. Contardi knows how to blend style with function, and it shows with their ceiling light collection.

Wall Lights

Contardi proves that wall lights do not have to be purely functional. The Uffizi collection was designed to become a statement piece in your home. These wall fixtures provide you with the style you want while giving you the light that you need.

About Contardi Lighting

Contardi has been producing luxury modern and contemporary lighting for more than 30 years. Based out of Desio, Italy, Contardi is favored by interior designers and architects around the world. Contardi takes a tailored approach to lighting design with immaculate attention to detail and the use of the most elegant materials and finishes.

Contardi Lighting Designers

Massimiliano Raggi lives in San Marino where he works as an interior designer and creative director. In the 1990’s, Raggi worked abroad as a designer and creative director of Habitat International. His love for detail and innate curiosity comes across in his designs, which can be found all over the world.

Tristan Auer is a French designer with more than 20 years of luxury design experience. His work celebrates clean lines and functional designs. His previous work includes design boutiques for Cartier, as well as interiors of luxury hotels and residences.


Why does love Contardi Lighting?

Contardi Lighting designs are what we love most. The designs are not only incredibly unique, but they have a timeless quality that make them extremely desirable. That’s why their designs find their way into high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, residences and yachts worldwide.

Contardi Lighting Fun Facts

•  Contardi has collaborated with international designers including the Giorgio Armani Group, B&B Italia, and Giorgetti.

•  Contardi has earned a reputation as the “couturier of light.”

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