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Casablanca Ceiling Fans


Casablanca Fans, known as the World's Finest Ceiling Fans, offers ceiling fans, fan accessories, flush mount fans, and table fans. Casablanca fan blades come in different sizes and styles like wood in a cross-laminated pattern and the vintage inspired bead board-style that brings tranquil charm of a seaside or country cottage. Casablanca fan remote and wall-mounted systems that allow for easy speed change and full-range light dimming for perfect room comfort and ambience.

Outdoor Lights

Add a Casablanca outdoor ceiling fan to your porch or deck to stay cool and provide light. Casablanca fans and light kits are a great addition to your curbside appeal and helps to make you and your guests feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying nature. Keep your outdoor gatherings cool and bright, with Casablanca Fan Company.

About Casablanca Fan Company

Casablanca Fans products represent the synergy of elegance, versatility, efficiency, endurance, and comfort. Created with an eye toward timeless design, assembled with high quality parts and engineered for superior energy efficiency, Casablanca Fans are created with meticulous attention to detail. Casablanca's seven-phase production process assures that each ceiling fan, flush mount fan, and outdoor fan is made with quality and durability. With many features, remote control options and integrated controls to choose from, Casablanca Fans are sure to please. In keeping with founder Burton A. Burton's vision, each Casablanca product is a reflection of the company's passion, creativity and dedication.

Casablanca Fan Company History

In 1974 entrepreneur Burton A. Burton entered the United States ceiling fan market with a belt-driven ceiling fan created for commercial use.  Stimulated by the energy crisis of the mid 1970s, Casablanca Fan Company jumped into the residential market.  Soon enough Casablanca Fans was known as a leading manufacturer of premium consumer products offering innovation, exceptional quality and distinctive decorative designs, coupled with unique marketing, trade and consumer promotions and memorable advertising. Designed to be a classic fixture in the home, Casablanca is proud of its approach to timeless design, engineering, and manufacturing of ceiling fans.

Why does love Casablanca Fans?

Customer service is something that holds very dear.  Providing quality products, offering information and being there for you whenever you need us is something we strive to achieve each and every day!  We’re proud to offer Casablanca fans because of their superior customer service from coast to coast, 120-day in home service guarantee, and lifetime warranty on motors.  Not saying anything would ever go wrong- their seven-phase production works like a check list and if the fan is not impeccable by the end Casablanca is sure to retrace steps to ensure quality and reliability.


Casablanca Fans FAQ's
  • Can I hang a ceiling fan myself?

Yes! Casablanca makes an easy do-it-yourself, one-person installation easy!  Hang-Tru™, Casablanca’s hanging system supports the fan from the ceiling, leaving both hands free to complete wiring connections.  The self-centering ball assures that the fan hangs straight, even on ceilings with up to 32-degree slope.

  • Do I need to purchase extra fan installation tools?

No! Casablanca Fans has everything you need - light bulbs, batteries for remotes, and even a screwdriver!

  • What size fan should I buy?

Great question! For rooms up to 225 square feet (15’ x 15’) and larger, use a fan with a blade span of 50”, 52”, 54”, or 56”.  For rooms up to 114 square feet (12’ x 12’) we recommend fans with blade spans of 42” or 44”.  And for that smaller room (8’ x 8’) you should use a fan with a 32” blade span.

  • What direction should my fan turn in the summer versus the winter?

Summer: forward or counter clockwise. Winter: reverse or clockwise.

  • How do I care for my fan?

For dusting fan finishes use a soft brush or lint-free cloth and for heavier dust use a vacuum cleaner brush nozzle.  For surface smudges use a mild detergent and a slightly dampened soft cloth.  For wood-finish blades use a furniture polishing cloth and occasionally you might want to add a light coat of furniture polish.  For painted and high-gloss blades use a mild detergent and slightly dampened soft cloth.

  • What features are included on Casablanca fans?

Casablanca has made a long-term commitment to quality and invites you to compare these features with any competitive product.

Bottom Plate- Used with a variety of different materials including solid die-cast virgin zinc, heavy-gauge deep-drawn steel, and structurally reinforced resin for enhanced beauty, the bottom plate encloses the lower part of the motor housing.

Switch Housing- Featuring heavy-duty, die-cast virgin zinc or steel for exceptional durability, the switch housing encloses primary fan controls.

Motor Housing- This part encloses the motor with plated or hand painted finish, which stays bright and beautiful throughout decades of use.

Perma-Lock- The Perma-Lock system connects the fan to the downrod, which works in perfect combination with the patented Hang-Tru® canopy.

Blades- Crafted with six layers of wood in a cross-laminated pattern and finished with two outer layers of real furniture-grade wood veneer, Casablana offers beautiful and durable fan blades.

Blade Holders- An essential link between the blades and the motor, blade holders are made of heavy-duty, reinforced die-cast virgin zinc and are tested thoroughly for reliable performance.

  • Tell me about your motors, what if it stops working?

Don’t worry! Casablanca’s XLP and XLP Plus® motors set the industry standard for performance, power, efficiency, and reliability and they are the only motors in their category to receive a UL Class A rating. On top of that, Casablanca offers a lifetime warranty, backed by industry leading customer service and support.

  • What type of integrated controls do you have?

Depending on the type of fan, we can provide a wall-mounted system that controls six fan speeds (in either forward or reverse direction) and a full-range light dimming for perfect room comfort and ambience. 

Inteli-Touch® [W-32, W-33, W-84]- The new Inteli-Touch3 model is controlled with radio frequency and the Safe-Exit™ provides 20 seconds of gradual light dimming, showing you safely to the door. Home-Safe™ is a home security feature that controls lights in a sequence, made to deter thieves. The Fan Minder™ feature incrementally reduces fan speed, making those chilly nights comfortable. The Light Minder™ feature turns lights off after two hours, saving energy. On Bel Air Halo fans, the Inteli-Touch control allows separate uplight and down-light control.

Advan-Touch® [W-62, W-63, W-64, W-65]- with user-friendly design and a large LCD screen, this wall-mounted or hand-held device allows for fan and lighting programmable features such as controlling several fans and more.

Versa-Touch2® [W-72, W-73]- the refined hand-held remote provides three forward and reverse fan speeds, full-spectrum light dimming and memory and has an extra option for a wall plate bracket.

Prime-Touch® [W-505]- this hand-held remote for select fans provides three forward and reverse fan speeds, full-spectrum light dimming, memory and includes an optional wall plate bracket.

Direct-Touch® [W-74]- This wall-mounted control offers four forward and reverse fan speeds, plus full-spectrum light dimming and advanced programmable features such as Safe-Exit™, Home-Safe™, Fan Minder™ and Light Minder™.

  • What type of remote control convenience do you offer?

The Adapt-Touch™ control has remote control convenience for 3-Speed and 4-Speed Casablanca fans with a Hang-Tru™ canopy.  Use this control for several fans, or purchase extra controls to operate a fan from different locations.

  • Do you offer wall control accessories?

Yes! We have different options for wall-mounted accessory control for both fan and light.  Each optional accessory listed below is made for 3-Speed and 4-Speed models.

Single Slide W-24A, W-24W- offers four fan speeds, quietly operated. Not for use on XTR200® motors.

Dual Slide W-28A, W-28W- provides four fan speeds and full-range light dimming as well as noise-free circuitry and quite operations.  Requires a third wire for installation. Not for use on XTR200® motors.

Single Rotary W-41- made for XTR200 and XLP-2000 motors and offers four fan speeds, an industry exclusive, noise-free circuitry and quite operation.

Dual Rotary W-81- made for XTR200 and XLP-2000 motors and provides fan speeds and full-range light dimming, noise-free circuitry and quiet operation.  Requires third wire for installation.

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