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Brendlen + Morris Furniture & Home Decor


Authentic furniture from Brendlen + Morris tells a story in your home. Inspirational pieces from around the world with natural materials, reclaimed woods, and fabulous textures will enhance your home decor and offer luxury for every day living.


Get the look of timeless sophistication with selections of home accessories from Brendlen + Morris. At, we have provided you with our own selection of mirrors, benches, console tables, and decor that will give your home a personal touch of inspiration and treasure.

About Brendlen + Morris

Brendlen + Morris is a creative visionary bringing you treasures for the home from all over the world. Inspiring and exquisite, our curated selection of furniture and home décor is of quality construction and viable materials. No doubt our offering of delights will tell a story in your home. Let Brendlen + Morris transform your interiors with our collections of furniture and home accessories that will mix and match effortlessly in your home. Top of trend furnishings and forward-thinking fashion have Brendlen + Morris offering you unique inspirational design for your home.

The Birth of Brendlen + Morris

At, we strive to bring our customers the best home furnishings and lighting that will enhance your home and add a touch of your personal finesse. The design world can be an overwhelming place, and we wanted to make your decorating process easy, enjoyable, and stylish… hence how our Brendlen + Morris brand came to be.

Brendlen + Morris captures the epitome of style and refinement with an exciting range of furniture, lighting, and home décor that can be used in your home in unexpected ways. This collection is carefully curated to make decorating your home accessible, chic, and smart.

We are thrilled with the unique and appealing feel that Brendlen + Morris will bring to your dwelling. Providing upscale quality and a story with every piece, Brendlen + Morris will complete your home with sophistication, adventure, and charisma, and we love that we are a part of it.

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