Outdoor Lamps & Lighting

Outdoor lighting and fans bring the exterior of your home to life. Outdoor lights, which are often specifically designed to withstand inclement weather, highlight architectural elements of your home’s façade, and provide illumination for porches and decks used for entertaining. Landscape lighting can be used to draw attention to your yard and garden, while Outdoor fans lend a helping hand when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Available in a variety of finishes to complement the style of your home, Outdoor lighting is an essential component of your home’s design scheme.

  • What type of outdoor lights should I consider?

The type of outdoor lights you should use will depend on their purpose. Are you lighting a walkway? Then choose path or in-ground well lights. Are you illuminating a tree or the façade of your home? Consider spot or flood lights. Use a ceiling light for your entryway or porch.

  • What type of style should I consider?

When choosing the style, consider the key architectural features of the façade of your home. Are they Modern or more Classic? Choose a style that complements those features. Also consider your interior design. Your exterior and interior lighting schemes should be somewhat consistent.

  • What's the best way to choose an outdoor fan?

Make sure that the fan is Damp or Wet rated. A Damp rated fan has been designed to function in areas where it may be exposed to moisture, like a garage or screened-in porch. A Wet rated fan has been designed to withstand direct contact with the elements. As a general rule of thumb, use a fan with a blade span under 48” for a space that’s less than 200 square feet. At 200 to 400 square feet, select a fan between 48” and 54”. For a space over 400 square feet, use a fan that’s bigger than 54”, or use 2 fans!

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