A water well in Ethiopia funded by Lamps.com? 

Charity: water uses 100% of public donations to directly fund water projects. The ability to impact change for a community in serious need was tangible. The Lamps.com Team, through a partnership with their customers, was able to raise enough money to complete the building of a well in Sibuhmeret/Kahnat, Ethiopia. 

Like charity: water, our team is also passionate about one of life’s basic necessities- light! Charitable giving has always been part of the Lamps.com culture so collaborating with charity: water only seemed like a natural fit. We believed in charity: water’s mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We were inspired to help not just as a team, but to motivate others to join the cause.

We were able to add functionality to our site that gave customers the capability to give directly to the charity: water cause. Every donation, large or small, was critical to our success. Through this partnership with our customers, we were able to build a well that gives the communities of Sibuhmeret and Kahnat access to clean and safe drinking water. In addition, local community health workers and leaders were trained to circulate positive hygiene and household sanitation messages within the community.

Thanks to our customers’ support, women and girls are traveling shorter distances and the water they are bringing home each day is safe to drink. When communities have access to clean water, it is the beginning of great change. It can improve health, decrease medical expenses, increase equality, give girls more time in school and give women the chance to grow food or earn income. Clean water changes everything. We are so grateful for our generous customers whose support will bring life, health, hope and dignity to the Sibuhmeret/Kahnat communities.

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