Your bedroom is the most intimate and personal space in your home, and your choice of lighting design should reflect that. It’s a room designed for comfort and relaxation, where you retreat to recharge after a busy day. Whatever fixtures you choose, consider lighting them with warm yellow-toned bulbs to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere throughout the room. The bright florescent and LED bulbs that work throughout the rest of the house are generally too bright for use in the bedroom.

The best bedroom lighting design ideas flow organically from the character of the room and its furnishings. A cool, airy bedroom with crisp white linens might call for simple bedside lamps with matching fabric shades, or a delicate crystal chandelier. A large traditional bedroom featuring a grand four-poster bed requires lighting solutions to match: consider a statement glass fixture for the center of the room. If your bedroom is more of a bohemian hideaway, an eclectic assortment of lamps or a dramatic pierced-metal lantern would make gorgeous additions to the room’s ambiance.

Consider your favorite design features in the room. Is there a treasured piece of art that could benefit from some well-installed accent lighting? If your bedroom includes an alcove, fitting it with inset lighting can make it even more inviting.

Because your bedroom is all about ease and comfort, it’s important to remember practical considerations. Closets should be well-lit with a ceiling fixture or track lighting along the rails. If you enjoy reading in bed, make sure that your bedside lamp is providing sufficient task lighting for you. And since nobody likes getting out of a cosy bed to turn off the light, consider installing a bedside switch so that you can easily turn out the lights for a well-deserved good night’s sleep.