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Core Values

At, we are driven by a set of core values. We use these core values as both our daily guide and barometer. Our core values exist as our roadmap through the world of eCommerce, and we believe they help us to provide you, our customer, with the best possible service, higher quality products and fairer pricing.

Set the standard.
When we decided to build, we set out to change the way people buy lighting. We had no intention of being just another lighting website. We knew that accomplishing this goal meant that we would have to redefine every parameter of the light buying experience. So we endeavored to set the benchmark in customer service, in website design, in ease of use, in ease of search, in product information, in imaging, in shipping and return policies. We decided to go even further and become the first and only lighting retailer to tell you what bulbs are required for your fixture – and then give them to you for free! At, we are not interested in mediocrity; we strive to be the best in everything we do. By setting the standard in all aspects of our business, we believe that we can provide the very best experience to our customers and change the industry for the better.
Culture is key.
We believe that our team is our greatest asset. Many companies say this, but we truly believe that we are nothing without our team. And this is for good reason. Our team allows us to be innovative, nimble, thorough and smart. Our team helped us build the best website. Our team provides the best service to our customers. Our team found the best lighting designers and manufacturers and worked to get their products on our site. Our team knows lighting inside and out. Realizing the value our team inherently possesses, it was important to develop a corporate culture that both seeks and rewards the skills and personalities that make us great. It was fundamentally imperative that we develop and build a team that was able to successfully work together within this culture. We believe in creating and fostering a work environment that is challenging yet fun, rewarding hard work and initiative and encouraging calculated risk taking. Because we believe that the best work is done in a place where you enjoy actually doing the work, we believe that our workplace is not just a place for work, but also a place for fun, laughter and camaraderie. Most importantly, we believe that having a great team and a great corporate culture allows us to deliver the best possible product and the best possible customer service to our patrons.
Be proactive, not reactive.
The team believes that being proactive is one of the best ways to ensure a positive end-to-end experience for our customers. At, we work to proactively address potential customer service issues before they surface by working to fully understand our customers’ needs. The team works to build lasting relationships with everyone who comes to shop at our site by trying to best understand and anticipate their unique needs and wishes.
Value risk.
It’s easy to be perfect when you follow a script, but this type of precision has no bearing on success. The taking of calculated risks in vital to the growth and success of any organization, most especially one in the early stages of development. For this reason, consciously encourages risk taking over complacency. We prefer a few minor mistakes in the face of overwhelming success rather than flawless mediocrity. Ultimately, taking chances leads to innovation, which in turns leads to a better product for our clientele.
Seek all the angles.
The ability to recognize the myriad aspects of any particular task is vital to the success of an organization. At, we encourage our team to thoroughly evaluate all facets of a given scenario in order to determine the best possible solution. By looking at problems from multiple angles, we are able to comprehensively appraise a problem or task and execute the best possible solution.
Constantly evolve.
When starting a new business, the landscape is constantly changing. Each day brings new challenges that may or may not have been anticipated, and new challenges mean that the answers might not always be so obvious. For this reason, it is critically important that every member of the team be able to constantly and quickly adapt. This ability to evolve both professionally and personally is crucial to the success of any business, but significantly more so for a fledgling company. We seek to be agile, flexible and dynamic so that we can quickly and effectively respond to our customers’ needs.
Passion is commitment.
Working for a new business venture is not for everyone. It takes a certain elevated level of passion and commitment to be an effective team member in a startup environment. There is a certain breed, however, that craves the long hours and extra work inherent in this type of job. The startup environment can be extremely rewarding, providing a sense of accomplishment you simply cannot find elsewhere. is proud to have a team that possesses such a hunger for success and devotion to their work. We believe that this is a substantial driver of our success.
Give thanks.
At we feel that we are extremely fortunate to be working on such an exciting endeavor. For all the long hours, challenging roadblocks and sleepless nights, being involved in a project that we believe has so much potential is really a gift. Taking into account our own fortune, we believe it is important to remember those who do not have all that we do. It is this spirit that we have dedicated ourselves to establishing a robust corporate culture of giving. Whether through building our relationship with charity: water, giving regularly to charities such as Alex’s Lemonade, The Hero Scholarship Fund and The Philadelphia Fire Department Widows’ Fund, or donating our time volunteering in our community, the team is committed to giving back.