Ceiling Lights - Track Lighting

Track lighting is one of the most popular ways to light your space. Here at Lamps.com, track lighting is offered in a variety of colors and styles. A variety of lighting options exist for track lighting. Fixtures, or track heads, may be used to highlight artwork or an area that requires extra light, but it may also be used for general illumination. Since we offer such a wide variety of track heads in line and low voltage, as well as in energy efficient LED, selecting a fixture that meets your style, as well as your home's decor and your budget will be easy.

Track Lighting Layout & Design Guidelines
  • Designing the track

First, determine your desired layout of track, choose appropriate connectors to achieve the desired look. Mark along the ceiling to indicate the placement of the track. To ensure the track runs parallel to a wall, measure from the wall to each end of your desired track placement.

  • Powering the track

For direct ceiling mounting, use a live end power feed (in conjunction with a canopy plate) to connect to the junction box. For suspension mounting, connect a suspension kit canopy to a junction box. Other power feed options include: "I" power connections or floating canopies for powering mid-track.

  • Mounting the track

The most common installation is by mounting the track directly to the ceiling. You can secure the track directly to the ceiling. When suspending track, purchase suspension kits in the desired length and use a minimum of three supports per 8 feet of track

  • Joining track sections

A variety of connectors are available to join track sections together, from basic "I" connectors and "L" connectors to more elaborate "T", "X" and flexible connectors. "I" connectors are available as conductive power connectors or non-conductive "dead-end" connectors, as well as power feedable "I" connectors.

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