Recessed Lighting

Recessed Trims

A recessed trim is the portion of your recessed light that is visible within your room. offers many high quality recessed trims which can blend into your ceiling or boldly stand out in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes to fit your needs.

Recessed Housings

A recessed housing is hidden from view, so selecting the proper housing is based on the style of trim you want, as well as various lighting and electrical requirements for your specific situation. Here you will find a variety of recessed lighting housings that can be installed within your ceiling for attractive, unobtrusive lighting in your home.

Suitable for use in any room, recessed lights are a discreet way to create ambiance. Recessed lighting is installed directly into the ceiling of your home, creating a clean look. Choose from the many different recessed light options available to customize your lighting solution to meet the needs of your situation.

  • What do I need to purchase to make a complete recessed ceiling light?

A complete recessed fixture requires both a housing and a trim. The trim is the visible portion of the recessed light, so you will want to select the look you are aiming for in your home. The housing contains the electrical components needed to operate the light. Selecting the housings depends on a number of factors, such as new construction or remodel and an IC or Non-IC rating.


  • Should I start with a housing or a trim?


If you know the look you are going for, you can start with the housing, we will then help you choose the right housing right on the page the trim is on! If you want to start with the housings, we will do the same, and show you the compatible trims on the housing page.


  • How do I pick a recessed housing?


Start with determining whether the housing is for new construction (new work) or an existing application (old work).  First, determine if it is new construction (new work) or existing construction (old work).  If there is drywall installed then you need an old work housing.  If there is no drywall then you need a new work housing.  Secondly, decide if you need a IC or Non-IC rated housing. IC stands for "Insulation Contact", If there will be insulation coming into contact or within three inches of the housing then make sure the housing you choose is IC rated. (Some building codes require IC rated housings regardless of whether there will be insulation contact or not, check your local code to ensure compliance.)


  • Where are MultiSpots best used?


MultiSpot recessed lights are best used in a situation that requires adjustable lighting as each light in a multiple spot is individually adjustable. Generally, they are best suited for retail and commercial situations, however, they could fit in perfect in a large room in your home.

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