Ceiling Lights - Rail Lighting

Rail lighting is a popular way to light your home. While most popular in kitchens and dining rooms, rail fits in everywhere. Being so low profile, flexible and customizable, the rail itself is an attractive addition to your decor. You may install fixtures, pendants or both on a rail system to create a beautifully functional light for your space.

Rail Lighting Design & Layout Guidelines
  • Rail Transformers

With low voltage rail, a transformer is required to step the voltage down from 120 volt (line voltage) down to 12 or 24 volts (low voltage). Surface mounted electronic transformers are best suited for shorter runs, with a 16 to 20 foot maximum. Surface mounted and remote magnetic transformers have a higher maximum wattage and can be run with up to a 40 foot maximum.

  • Maximum wattage

300 watts is the maximum load for a 12 volt system, that maximum goes up to 600 watts for a 24 volt system.

  • Rail mounting options

Select a standoff that matches the height of the power feed or transformer. Each transformer and power feed has a matching standoff. Alternatively, you may purchase extensions, cable power feeds and aircraft cable suspensions for a greater suspension length. You will need a minimum of three supports per 8 foot track run, or two per 4 foot run. Depending on the number of fixtures, the length of the suspension and the amount of curves and bends in the rail, purchasing additional standoffs may be advisable.

  • Joining sections of rail

A variety of designs can be achieved by using various connectors. Variable angle connectors, "X", "T" and "I" connectors are available to suit your layout's needs. Additionally, "dead-end" I connectors are available to provide a connection between two rails physically, but not electrically. These can be helpful for long runs of rail that may require multiple power feeds and transformers.

  • Achieving the desired look

Rail sections may be hand bent to the desired look. It is advisable to bend the rail to the desired shape before installing ceiling standoffs to determine the proper placement. A hand bending machine is available to simplify the rail bending process. Rail may also be field cut to the necessary length.

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