Contemporary Pendant Lights

Contemporary pendant lights are those with a modern flair, often involving glass and soft colors. Modern pendant lights can be used for task lighting, which involves shades that point down, or the ever popular ambient lighting, where the shades point up. The modern style adds a whole new level of chic to a home, so it is vital to carefully choose where to install the light.

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There are three popular areas of the home that are perfect for the contemporary lighting style.

1. Kitchen

Pendant lights are particularly popular over island areas and the sink. Contemporary lights will likely be installed in the center of the kitchen. Be sure to choose task lights that will allow you to see what you are doing as you prepare food in this area.

2. Bathroom

Many bathrooms have two light options – ambient and task. Pendant lights often provide the ambient light in this area, and the modern style allows you to take your bathroom décor to a higher level. Lights in this room tend to be narrower in style than those found in other parts of the home.

3. Entryway

The entryway to a home usually has only a single light, but a pendant light in a modern style can wow visitors from the moment they step through your door. Take care to select a finish and shade type that complements the other parts of your home clearly visible and linked from the entryway.

Contemporary pendant lighting is a beautiful way to take any home’s décor from drab to chic. Consider carefully the placement of your pendant lights as well as the finish and style before making your final purchase and installation. You might even consult with a professional designer to ensure you select the light that will best enhance your home’s charm.

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