Contemporary Chandeliers

While chandeliers have reputations for being signs of classic, old world luxury, there are a number of contemporary chandelier designs that suit any living space. Contemporary chandeliers have the same delicate designs and elegant silhouettes as traditional chandeliers, but with a more modern edge. However, like any type of chandelier, modern chandeliers require some forethought before hanging them in your home.

Pay Attention to Style

Contemporary chandeliers come in many different styles so you can find one that is well-suited to your living space. For example, a chandelier composed of lots of hanging light bulbs might go well in an otherwise spartan space. A dangling chandelier is well-suited to a room with a high ceiling. An experimental chandelier design looks best in houses with more modern design.

Don’t Go Too Big

Chandeliers tend to be on the large side, but fixtures are available in all different sizes. While big glamorous chandeliers can be tempting due to their elegant appearance, it’s better to have a chandelier that is the right size for the space in which you are going to hang it. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that all edges of the chandelier are more than four feet from the nearest wall. You can get away with a slightly larger chandelier in the dining area of your home, but chandeliers in other rooms should be on the smaller side.

Hang at the Right Height

Chandeliers are suspended fixtures that hang from the ceiling, so it’s important to make sure that they hang at an appropriate height. A chandelier that is too high will not properly illuminate the area below it, while one that is hung too low is a danger to the heads of taller friends and family. Test out your new chandelier to ensure that it is hung at the proper height and make adjustments to the height as needed.

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