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Industrial Pendant Lights

Industrial pendant lights differ from traditional pendant lights in their appearance and function. The industrial style is more likely to appear in warehouses, although it can also be found in homes in areas such as the basement. Although these types of lights might be considered rougher than the traditional type, it is still important to carefully weigh your options before investing in a whole set. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

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  • Hudson Valley - Sovereign 3 Light Pendant

    Hudson Valley - Sovereign 3 Light Pendant

  • Hudson Valley - Sovereign 4 Light Pendant

    Hudson Valley - Sovereign 4 Light Pendant

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What Will You Use the Light For?

Industrial pendant lighting is necessary to provide enough light to see by in a large area where people are working. How much light do you need in order to safely perform your job? Pendant lights have shades that point up or down. Shades that point down provide task light, which is ideal for working. Shades that point up provide ambient light, which is more of a mood enhancer.

Do You Need It for Aesthetics or Function?

Are you concerned with how the light will actually look once it is installed? If you only need the light to help you and others see, then you do not need to stress about the finish or type. However, if aesthetics is just as important as function, then you will want to carefully weigh your finish and type options.

Where Will You Install the Light?

Is the light going to hang low where it is clearly visible all the time, or will it be installed up high, practically out of sight except for the light it shines down? If the fixture will be more clearly visible, you want to ensure it complements the setting and decor around it. Once you answer these questions, you should have no trouble selecting the right industrial pendant light for your needs.

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