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Traditional Pendant Lighting

Traditional pendant lights are a simple way to add style and ambience to any room of the home. They come in many different shapes and styles, making them suitable for most décor schemes. The trouble rises when homeowners realize just how many options they have.

Here are three easy tips to select the perfect traditional pendant lighting for your needs.

1. Fixture Finish

The finish of the fixture you select will affect its color. For example, a bronze finish would be a good choice for décor schemes with other bronze, golds, and browns. However, it is likely to clash with schemes featuring lots of chrome, nickel, or silver. Consider the surroundings of the area in which the pendant light will be installed. If you already have fixtures with a certain finish – such as faucets, railings, and knobs – you might select a similar finish for your lights.

2. Type

The next step is to consider the type or shape of the light. Pendant lights come in shapes such as globe, chandelier, drum, dome, cone, drop, lantern, and more. The type you choose might be affected by the other lights that are already in use around your home. Pendant lights are often popular in kitchens over the sink, in dining areas, and in bathrooms.

3. Ambient or Task

Ambient pendant lights are those in which the shades point up while task lights have shades that point down. You will need to decide if you prefer ambient lighting or task lighting to better see what you are doing. Task lighting is common in such areas as the kitchen while ambient lights are often more appropriate for the bathroom. Once you narrow down your selection using these three categories, you should be able to choose the perfect traditional pendant light for your needs.

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