Traditional Chandeliers

Nothing says class and sophistication quite like a traditional chandelier. While they were once hallmarks of high class hotels and the houses of the rich, today traditional chandeliers can also be used to decorate much more modest spaces. However, it’s important to choose a chandelier that flatters the space in which it will be hung.

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Don’t Let the Chandelier Overwhelm the Room

Large chandeliers often act as the centerpiece of a room, so they ought to be paired with more subdued furnishings and design. Also be aware that the chandelier you are buying is not too big for the space in which you are going to hang it. Chandeliers are available in all sizes, so you can buy a modestly sized one if you have a smaller room to fill.

Choose the Right Space for the Chandelier

Dining rooms are the traditional home of classic chandeliers. Hanging a chandelier over the dining table adds diffuse mood lighting and atmosphere while enjoying a meal. However, chandeliers can be found that suit almost any room in the house. When hanging the chandelier over the dining table or whatever your preferred space is, make sure that you adjust it to the appropriate height.

Hang the Chandelier at the Right Height

When hung, the chandelier should light up the desired area but not be so low that taller individuals risk hitting their heads on it. Most chandeliers are adjustable so you can fine tune them until you find the perfect height for your space.

Choose the Right Number of Chandeliers

In large spaces - especially entryways and foyers, you can double up on chandeliers. While a single large chandelier in a two-story entryway to a home is often breathtaking, it may not provide the best possible lighting. Instead of a single large traditional chandelier, consider two smaller chandeliers that will light the area better and make the same powerful first impression.

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