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Track Lighting Buying Guide

“Equally adept at lighting small spaces and big rooms, track lighting is adaptable as well as easy to install.” –

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Track lighting is a super versatile and convenient lighting solution for a wide range of spaces, and is an excellent way to achieve your desired layer of light, whether it be ambient, focal or decorative. Track lighting can be easily tailored to illuminate any area, but determining where to start and what to buy can be overwhelming.

Our track lighting buying guide walks you through any questions you may have about choosing and installing track lighting.


Choosing the Right Track


Once you determine the layout for your track, you will need to pick the track type and the fixtures. There are a number of track types out there – including line and low voltage, single and two-circuit. The three types of track we offer are categorized as H, J and L.


These three types of track lighting are compatible with most existing systems. If you are starting new, the choice of track makes no difference, but the H series is the lowest profile track, albeit only by a ⅛”.


Track Lighting Installation Tip #1


Be sure that the track head or fixture matches the type of track you select. For example, H track heads and fixtures are only compatible with the H style track. Most of our track heads and fixtures are offered with adapters for all three track types. 


If you have an existing track and are looking to just update the heads or fixtures, reference the picture below to distinguish the differences in track systems:

Screen Shot 2016 04 14 at 10.16.05 AM Track Lighting Buying Guide


Power Feeds for Track Lighting Systems


The location of the power feed is another important consideration.  The most versatile option is to use a floating canopy power feed, which allows you to power the track anywhere along its length. Other options exist as well, such as a live end connector, which provides power to the track from one end only.


Track Lighting Accessories


Accessories are necessary if you plan to place your track around the edges of a lighting space or use more than one piece of track. An “I” connector is needed to join together two pieces of track. “L” connectors are available if track needs to navigate around left and right-hand turns, while flexible connector allow for turns that are not at right angles. 


Track Heads


There are a number of track head options available with all of our track types. You can find various light source options, such as incandescent, low voltage halogen and LED in various sizes, light outputs and price ranges. 


Track Lighting Installation Tip #2


In some cases, special lenses and accessories can be used with the track heads to change the color or shape of the light in order to achieve the ideal illumination.

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If you’re looking for a more decorative lighting solution, choose a pendant that can be mounted on a track. Similar to track heads, the mounting type (H, J, or L) of the pendant should match the track type.


Track Lighting Installation Tip #3


Combine a quick connect pendant with a quick connect adapter to attach it to the track.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed at any stage of the process, email us at or give us a call at 888.602.7011, and we’ll walk you through the steps to incorporating track lighting into your space.