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Rustic Lighting Style Guide

Rustic lighting is a great way to achieve a warm and cozy feel in your home. If your interior style leans more modern, rustic elements can create the charming yet sophisticated look of modern rustic style (which is one of the hottest decor trends of this year). If your space tends to be more classic or traditional, rustic pieces can give a homey, comforting look and feel.

Kichler GrandBank 43186AUB Kitchen 997x1350 n502rqbw6ngkzjn5e1iyz7ms7ucpmlchlt3b730ms8 Rustic Lighting Style Guide
Grand Bank Chandelier by Kichler

Rustic Lighting Style Defined

Here we’ll look into the various elements and aspects that make up rustic style lighting. When it comes to rustic design in general, it’s all about bringing the outdoors inside. The foundation of rustic style is comprised of natural materials and earthy textures. Rustic interior design style is inspired by the rugged charm of the American frontier.

Rustic light fixtures tend to include distressed and vintage finishes such as antique bronze. Wood materials, and use of rope and concrete are also signature elements of rustic style fixtures. Shades featuring warm and neutral tones make rustic style inviting and versatile.

Interior design styles that often feature rustic lighting include ranch style, Western, mountain house and vintage farm, just to name a few. Envision a lodge or cabin in the mountains, or a charming countryside retreat - and rustic lighting will blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

Rustic Lighting in Modern and Classic Spaces

Keep in mind that rustic lighting is not limited to a specific interior design style. Rustic pieces can find their way into decor schemes ranging from classic to modern. A rustic chandelier situated above a traditional dining room table exudes a timeless allure. On the other hand, warm rustic lighting adds charm and complements a modern space.

“The key to a modern rustic space is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements.”

Rustic Lighting for the Foyer and Entryway

Give your guests a warm welcome into your home with an inviting foyer pendant or chandelier. Caged pendants with candle lights are perfect for creating a charming entrance that will set the tone for the rest of your home. Complement with rustic outdoor lights to complete the look.

Arbor 1 2 n505dndam0g3swwj5b9odur2w50qecrjr2ii4kt30o Rustic Lighting Style Guide
Rustic Outdoor Light from Maxim Lighting

Rustic Lighting for the Kitchen

Rustic kitchen lighting will help you achieve the trendy farmhouse look. Wood bar stools and cabinets pair perfectly with vintage finishes and hardware. Proper light is important in the kitchen for safety reasons, so be sure to avoid creating a space that is dark and dreary. Pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces and even under cabinet lights can produce a warm glow.

Lumiere 768x614 Rustic Lighting Style Guide
The Lumiere Collection by Feiss

Rustic Lighting for the Bedroom

In a room that should always be warm and cozy, rustic lighting is a great addition to any bedroom. Whether you are decorating a master bedroom or a guest room, a rustic table lamp can instantly add charm and character to your bedside. Wooden dressers, cowhide rugs, neutral colors and comfy pillows give life to a relaxing space that captures all of mother nature’s beauty.  

Allier PenChand Bedroom Rustic Lighting Style Guide
Allier Collection by Feiss

If you are working toward creating your very own rustic sanctuary, check out our post on how to use wood accents in your home. For personalized design help, contact us by email at or call us at 888.602.7011.