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How to Choose Pendant Lighting for Your Kitchen

Where do you spend most of your time at home? For many people, it’s their kitchen. Kitchens have become the heart of the home. It’s the primary place where people cook, eat, and gather. Because of this, kitchen lighting needs to be both functional and decorative – providing overall illumination to complete necessary tasks while adding an element of style to add character to the space. These kitchen pendant lighting ideas and tips offer solutions to simplify the process of finding the perfect light.


You have a few options when it comes to kitchen pendant lighting. Depending on your kitchen layout and whether or not  you are lighting up an island or dining table, you should consider different types of pendant lighting. Here is how to determine which type is right for you.


Mini Pendant Lighting for the Kitchen


For kitchen islands and bars, mini pendants are great options. With their small size, mini pendants won’t overwhelm or overcrowd the area. When installed above a counter, they’ll provide direct light to perform necessary kitchen tasks like meal preparation. Mini pendants are typically 8 inches or less in width, but the amount of light produced will depend on the wattage of the light bulb used.




Pendant Lights for the Kitchen


Choose from a number of shapes, sizes and styles for your kitchen pendant lights. Drum pendants and industrial pendants are popular styles for the kitchen. Available in a variety of finishes, colors and materials, choose pendants that complement the decor or stand out to make a bold statement in the space. Place two or three pendants in a row and keep about 30 to 40 inches between the bottom of the shade and the counter. As a general guideline, space each pendant about 16 inches apart. If your island or table isn’t long enough to space out multiple pendants, you may just need to install fewer pendants.

Lexi Pend Kitchen How to Choose Pendant Lighting for Your Kitchen

Feiss Lexi Pendants


Island Lights and Linear Suspension


Multi-light pendants, or island lights are many times go-to lighting solutions for most kitchens that feature rectangular tables and bars. Linear suspensions are a modern take on these types of lights.  Long and slim linear suspensions are simple in design, while providing a good amount of task lighting. Island lights and multi-light fixtures use one canopy with more than one light, making it an efficient choice for your kitchen.

GiaLinear 6inRetrofit Kitchen How to Choose Pendant Lighting for Your Kitchen

Gia Linear Suspension from Tech Lighting

Installation Tips and Ideas for your Kitchen Pendants


Before setting out to purchase pendant lights, ask yourself these three questions:

  1.          1.   What is the purpose of this light?
  2.          2.   How big is the space?
  3.          3.   What is the size of the surface to be illuminated?


Once you have these answers, it will be much easier to determine if you need functional or decorative pendants and how many lights you’ll need. Another tip for achieving the best kitchen lighting is to place your fixtures on a dimmer, if possible. This will allow you to control the mood and easily transition the room from a working space to a cozy, relaxed one.