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Introducing Pablo Designs

With the addition of Pablo Designs, adds another stirring line of contemporary lighting fixtures to our catalog. Pablo Designs’ minimalist creations are sure to inspire and impress. With an eye towards functionality, Pablo Designs founder and lead designer Pablo Pardo aims to create lighting fixtures that build relationships between people, their fixtures and the spaces they each inhabit. Since founding Pablo Designs in San Francisco in 1993, Pardo has partnered with many world-renowned designers to develop a full line of lights for your home or office.

Pablo Designs offers many unique task lamp designs that are crafted from quality materials and engineered for ease of use, and a basic, stripped down beauty. Pablo Designs’ Clamp desk lamp, seen below, exemplifies Pablo Designs’ less-is-more philosophy. Crafted from North American hardwood, Clamp is easily adjustable, energy efficient and stunning in its simplicity.

1001 Clamp 300.jpg.9a59e9ca311d3ae8fc5d92e029e25b95 Introducing Pablo Designs

Many of Pablo Designs’ fixtures are efficiently lit with cutting edge LED technology. The LED lamping in lights such as the Cielo, seen below, not only casts bright, even light, but also lasts for up to 50,000 hours, or 25 years of daily use. Additionally, many of Pablo Designs’ lights are made from materials that are 97% recyclable, allowing you to lessen your impact on the earth, while simultaneously making a marked impact on your home.

201 Cielo Group 300 Introducing Pablo Designs