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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

When planning any outdoor event, what do you want your guests to walk away with? Is it for them to leave with an amazing experience? Yes! You want them talking about it for months to come. Multiple elements play a part in pulling off a successful outdoor gathering. The influence lighting can have on creating a memorable experience is intriguing! Lighting can define the atmosphere for the most delightful moments. As filmmaker and art curator, Aaron Rose stated, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” This includes backyard shindigs.

100 layer cake Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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The summer season is the best time for backyard gatherings with friends and family. Accenting these occasions with the right light will make them even more memorable. Depending on what theme, there are some great ideas to illuminate your outdoor event.

Oh, Crystal

Crystal lighting, whether displayed in a modern or classic style, can come across timeless and sleek. Imagine hanging crystal decanters in the nearby trees or having them positioned over a table for a late night dinner. Clustering these fixtures, whether minimalist or transitional, can be used to accent different conversational spaces. This can inspire your guests to mingle and provides them with a comfortably lit atmosphere.

mai linh Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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save on crafts Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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Industrialization – What’s Old Is New

Metals and weathered glass are big right now. Industrial fixtures that either look like they came from the turn of the century, or are impressions of the past. Textured metals are especially popular with black, bronze, and caramel finishes. Some recent favorites are hand-crafted fixtures made from old bottles and antique glass.

remodelista Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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homeklondike Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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DIY Outdoor Lighting

For those of you that like to design responsibly, there are many outdoor lighting options for Do-It-Yourselfers’. For example, adding solar lamps to an antique chandelier to hang in the most intimate setting or using metal baskets, mason jars, and string to make your own lighting masterpiece.

leah glass Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Photo Credit: Leah Glass

apt therapy Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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shelterness Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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sunset Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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This article was written by Julie Jenkins, Design Intern at Philadelphia based Patricia Gorman Associates

These are some great ideas to inspire you and get that creativity flowing. Get inventive with your next outdoor extravaganza and send us your favorite ideas at for us to possibly feature on our site!