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Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

The summer months are upon us. It is time to fire up the grills, inflate some pool floats, and spend some time outdoors!

Where outdoor lighting is concerned, there are a number of areas to consider – from the front of your house, to the back.

Pottery Barn Entrance Lighting Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

To start, create a welcoming entrance to your home with a statement making pendant lamp, paired with matching sconces on either side of your front door.

Lampsdotcom Pendant Lights Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Oxford Road 4 Light Chain Hung // Stratford Pendant // Outdoor Nantucket

Your front door is the most important door of your house, so make sure it stands out! Guests arriving at your abode will know an inviting environment awaits (and you will be able to clearly see visitors who are approaching your home). Plus, it will create curb appeal!

Dennison Dampier Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Photo Credit: Dennison & Dampier

If you have a covered porch in your home, consider hanging some pendants to light the area. Sitting outside on lounge furniture and eating a meal al fresco will be feel like a special treat, and the soft lighting of the pendants will create a lovely ambiance for guests to enjoy.

Surrounds Landscape Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Photo Credit: Surrounds Landscape Architecture

The spring and summer months are prime time to enjoy the hard work you’ve put into the landscaping in your yard. Illuminate your lawn and highlight your gardening by utilizing landscape accent lights. Select strategic places throughout the yard; angle a spotlight at trees or a beautiful flower bush to make them stand out.

Surrounds Landscape 2 Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Photo Credit: Surrounds Landscape Architecture

Don’t forget to light your path either! Install short post lights to illuminate pathways. They will keep your guests safe as they walk, and will also create an inviting mood in your yard.

Lampsdotcom path lighting Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Landscape Aspen // Landscape Path Light // Landscape Harbor

When you install outdoor lighting, make sure to aim lights carefully. Walk around the outside of your house and consider which features of your yard and home you would like to highlight. Over-lighting can create a harsh environment and light pollution, so keeping the lighting soft and strategic will create the most inviting space possible.

These are just a few ideas you can implement to decorate your outdoor spaces. How are you lighting your outdoor areas?