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Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

When approached me about picking out some of my favorites from their website I was excited to brainstorm what I would put in certain rooms in our house. Even though we are close to being done with a couple of rooms in our house we still haven’t chosen many lights… and the ones we did chose in the kitchen we are already itching to swap out. So, let’s just start with the kitchen. We currently are using an antique lamp from my great-grandmother but would love to use that somewhere else and get a chandelier over the table.

%name Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

%name Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

AJ and I have been admiring jug chandeliers for over the island but when I came across this chandelier, even though it was totally different from a jug chandelier, I thought it could work in the space:

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Walker 3-Arm Chandelier

We would love to swap out our lighting over the island… we, unfortunately, made a quick decision on those lights and both of us want something more interesting.

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 and we both like something like this option:

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Parker Place 1 Light Mini Pendant

Our living room needs a lot of work… I’m still figuring out the vision for this room but know that I love neutrals and textures in here. Our walls will change (it is currently very old and stained grass cloth wallpaper) and I am hoping to swap out the rug for another one with more color and move this one down to the finished den in the basement. Oh, you didn’t know we had a finished room down there? We don’t. But we want to and hope within the next year we could make some progress down there. 🙂

%name Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

I would love to get a couple natural lamps for the console table behind the couch and paint the mirror something to contrast with these lamps.

eddfcaed14b64268884f1b5685a24391 Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

Medium Aged Wood Alira Table Lamp

I think Elle’s room would be completely charming with a crystal chandelier…

%name Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

I love this one here… it would add a touch of glitz and glam to the sweet room and will work nicely with more ornate bumper that’ll coordinate with the rest of the room.

9b3d1701dcd01fa1d70d3ca8fdff876c Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

Empire Pendant

Our bedroom really needs some lamps… and nightstands to put them on.

%name Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

Wouldn’t two of these be fabulous looking in there?

016cea0ac928fb191d614adf6935164b Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

Balance Vision Crystal Table Lamp

Lastly, let’s head outside…

There are grand hopes to put a new front porch on the house this summer… notice we only have three pillars? That’s because the front porch is so rotted. 

%name Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

It was funny as I was looking at all the outdoor lighting options that the ones I kept gravitating towards were the ones with beachy titles… I suppose that’s because we are within minutes of the ocean… 

97b279b93dedf32a82b75608d23f908d Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

Lighthouse 1 Light Pendant

d728dc2115efac5d9dea2fdef94590c3 Migonis Home Lighting Ideas

Redding Station 1 Light Outdoor Lantern

Tell me, what are your favorite choices for your house?

A special thanks to Jen Migonis from for letting us into her home.