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Lighting With Color Zen

As a color & interior design consultant, I am frequently called in to “room refresh” project work. Clients look for help in developing new visions for their space, using a combination of old and new. This is an exciting, collaborative process which always seems to yield a little unexpected magic.

In our usual course, we discuss paint, rugs, art, window treatments, and accessories. We decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to purchase. Often my favorite moment occurs when we commit to replace an average (sometimes yawn of a) ceiling light with something BOLD & BEAUTIFUL.

Focal point, yes we can! Especially above the kitchen table, dining table, or upon first glance in the entryway. People, the right light is everything. It can provide your average, even ultra-traditional room with a powerful, contemporary twist- in an instant.

Look for scale (in my opinion, you can only go too small) and release your inhibitions. We are going for WOW. Now with these words, let’s explore the possibility. Color Zen, set the scene… Here are 6 of my favorite ceiling lights from CZ   image 1 Lighting With Color Zen1. Tetra Pendant. Urban loft. Young & chic. Happy moment at a cafe feeling.

2. Walker 5-Arm Chandelier. The new standard. Versatile. So customizable (shade fabric & metal finish) I could clap. Everyone needs one! CZ   image 2 Lighting With Color Zen3. Carousel Lantern. A little Bohemian. Flows in a modern/minimal space with unexpected twists. Playful, bold, delicate.

4. Axel Orb Chandelier. Of the moment. This chameleon blends in to any design style- modern to traditional. Artful, sophisticated, vintage.
CZ   image 3 Lighting With Color Zen5. Orion Single Tier Chandelier. Classic elegance. Tailored & Timeless. Gatsby-approved.

6. Stratosphere Chandelier. Turns the space into a special event. Focal point amongst casual or formal decor. Elevates the room!

And there are many more, so as they say, get inspired. Cheers readers.