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Industrial Loft Lighting


Industrial styled loft apartments are becoming popular in cities all over
Screen shot 2012 03 20 at 11.34.06 AM 150x1501 Industrial Loft Lightingthe world.  The style is defined by masculine colors, exposed brick, high ceilings with beams and large windows. The hardest part about designing the interior of a loft is adding warmth to the raw and rough industrial style floors, walls, and ceilings.  But the best part about this style is it can easily be achieved on a budget!  Old worn down, tables, sofas, and accessories can be found in second hand stores and even your grandma’s garage.


GK LightrailYou have a couple choices when it comes to designing the space.  If you want to work with the already incorporated industrial style, try adding modern accents.

Screen shot 2012 03 20 at 11.06.39 AM 150x1501 Industrial Loft Lighting

The ruggedness of wood or brick accentuates the bronze or chrome clean cut finishes with smooth surfaces.  Add some life and color to the loft. Place a plant in the corner, paint a shelf bright blue, or add a vintage orange tin collectible to a credenza.  Look for color inspiration from your surroundings like the sky and ground.

Screen shot 2012 03 20 at 11.12.11 AM 150x1501 Industrial Loft Lighting

Finding lighting for industry styled lofts can be tough.  The fixtures should match the overall feel and accent your prized possessions. suggests table and floor lamps, track and rail lighting, pendants, sconces, and fans.

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