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Lighting ideas for children’s rooms

Children’s rooms are very special places. These unique rooms require thought and care when it comes to the addition of lamps and light fixtures.

Children spend a lot of time on the floor playing with toys, talking with friends and siblings, and the like. Therefore, an extra dose of indirect light is helpful. Consider adding ceiling mounted lights to give overall light to a space. The ceiling installation will allow for furniture to be moved around the room easily; you won’t have to worry about bumping into a lamp or finding a new place next to a plug for one to sit.

starburst pendant lights Lighting ideas for childrens rooms

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Be wary of utilizing floor lamps in rooms for small children; they can be easily knocked over by kids who are pulling themselves up off of the floor, toys being tossed, or simply can topple by being bumped into. Consider lamps and lighting with coverings around the bulbs to keep children safe. Ceiling fans with a light can be a fantastic idea as well; they will provide both light and air movement for the room!

rustic kids Lighting ideas for childrens rooms


Overall light is important in a child’s room, but task lighting is also essential. Reading lamps are a wonderful addition to a kid’s room; one can be placed on a desk or positioned next to a bed to allow illumination of book pages.

Kids room desk lamps Lighting ideas for childrens rooms

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Additionally, a lamp with soft light could be utilized in rooms for smaller children that might need to find the bathroom at night, or simply would like a night light with a glow to keep the room from being completely dark.

contemporary kids Lighting ideas for childrens rooms


Pendant lights are a great option for children’s rooms. They can add both color and fun to the space. Installing a dimmer on pendant lights could be another useful detail for the fixtures; you can keep the light at full brightness during the day, but dim the bulbs during quiet time. For girls, mini chandeliers could even add a touch of glamour to the room!

Kids room pendant lights Lighting ideas for childrens rooms

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When you are choosing lamps for your child’s room, don’t be afraid to make it fun and playful! Look for bright colors, unique shapes, and more aspects that can reflect the child’s personality, hobbies, and talents. The fun lighting elements can truly add to the atmosphere of the room. If the room has a theme, consider adding lighting elements that will reflect it as well!

These are just a few ideas for lighting kids’ rooms – how have you lit your child’s room?